Lizka Gerenda

It’s been three weeks since I turned 18. A birthday I had been waiting eagerly for. I know I will become a great model and that my body turns people on. I am a virgin too and had applied to but they told me to get back after I turned 18. My excitement knows no bounds as today I did my first casting video and showed my beautiful body on camera and also that I am a virgin.

I was very young when I realized that my body was sensuous…that it could make boys look at me. We live in a small apartment in Moscow and my parents sleep in the only bedroom of the flat. I sleep on the couch in the living room. There is not much privacy and this really suffocates me sometimes. I long to be away from them but, for that, I have to start earning. Today, I earned my first money!! I am the only child and do not have much friends. My parents are both accountants for different firms and are both away till late in the evening. Most of the time they are too tired by then. I help out by cleaning the house and cooking for them. I really wish I could contribute some money too so that they could live a little more relaxed. Maybe take a holiday sometimes. Life is very expensive in the city even though we really do not do anything luxurious.
One of Dad’s friends is a photographer and he comes to our house quite often. Last year I had requested him secretly to make my portfolio. He grew very excited and called me to the studio. We did not tell my parents. He made me pose in front of different backgrounds. I posed in front of a photo of Eiffel Tower and Tulips of Netherlands. While doing this I was dreaming that one day I will do this for real. While making me pose, his hands touched my teenage tits and I felt an erotic sensation. May be it was by accident but he did not try to do anything more. When the photos came, I hid them in a drawer in my study desk. Once or twice he told me that I should go for making movies. He said there are people who will help me. Since then I have always wanted to become an erotic model. I know this is what I want to do to earn.
I love to touch myself. I recall the feeling I had when the photographer family friend had touched my teenage boobs. Maybe it was accidentally but this memory is very erotic to me. Sometimes when I think of it, I really get the urge to rub the lips of my virgin pussy and shiver with pleasure but I have to control myself as I really do not have privacy in our home. Nowadays I go to the university and after I am home, I have to clean the house and cook dinner. I then feel relaxed and in a sensual mood… What to do? I go into the bathroom and then think of someone squeezing my teenage tits, pushing his body against mine, his big, hard cock pushing against me as I move my fingers up and down my virgin vagina.
Someday I will be a porn star or an erotic model. I want people to look at my body. This make me feel very special and wanted. While masturbating inside the bathroom, even though I want to moan and scream with pleasure, I cannot as my parents will become very suspicious. But I want to do this in front of the camera someday. The thought of doing it in front of others makes my body tremble with pleasure.
When I turned 18, I immediately got back to and came for the shoot without telling my parents. Maybe later, when I have a career, I will tell them but for now I want to keep it a secret. I will perhaps tell them I got a job with a florist or something like that. Anyway, now that I am 18, I can do what I want but still I would like them to know at some point. I want to give them some money from my earnings every month as they have done so much for me. My shoot was sensational. It felt so good and a bit surreal to be doing what I wanted to do for so many years. My body behaved as if it had a mind of its own. I had goosebumps while striping naked for the camera. My teenage tits and virgin pussy felt aroused and awake. I wanted to touch myself everywhere and imagined many men looking at me. This gave me a high you cannot imagine!!! Looking forward to this life!