Sasha Mamaeva, 18 y.o virgin girl from Russia.

Hi! I am Sasha. I am from St Petersburg in Russia. I am 18 and still a virgin. I applied to model for and, as I am a virgin, decided to show the world my intact hymen and maybe get some erotic fun and money out of the whole thing. I had the most sensational time today in front of the camera. Did you see it?

I share an apartment with two friends. I work in a big grocery store at the counter. It’s been two years now and my pay has also increased a bit. From next year I will be able to do overtime and get promoted too. I like my job because I get to meet so many people. I like to dress well and talk to the customers. Sometimes the tops I wear reveal more than most are used to and they take a good look at my teenage tits. I pretend I don’t notice but I love the attention. In fact sometimes, I bend over extra low so that they get a good view. I get so aroused by this!!
St. Petersburg is a very expensive city so I also do modelling assignments on the side. I applied to as I was ready to take the next step. The thing I love about modelling is that I get to show my body to complete strangers! You may find this weird but this totally turns me on. The money of course is a great motivator too! Haha. I have travelled too a couple of times to model. One of my flatmate works in an advertising firm and she helps me out. All three of us are sister souls. We love painting the town red when we are nto working. I don’t drink or smoke but we have fun by travelling, meeting people and generally letting our hair down.
And of course now I have Kirsan. He’s my boyfriend. We got together in a party about two months ago. He is so into me and I too into him. We get wild together but I told him to back off from actual sex as I am not ready to give up my virginity on a whim. For that I need it to be perfect! But the rest…omg! Don’t even ask. The first time we met was at a launch event for a phone. My friend had arranged passes and the three of us had gone. I had a dance with this handsome stranger with gorgeous hair and eyes. My top was of course quite revealing and he soon was kissing my neck while his hand squeezed my teenage boobs. We went outside where I was kissed like I had never been in my life!
We soon became an item as my friends call it. Although I put him off as far as actual sex is concerned, I love what he does to my body. He does some things to my virgin pussy that makes me cum so hard you will be shocked. Pushing my knees apart, Kirsan goes down on me very often. His tongue knows the exact spot to touch on my virgin clitoris. His tongue gets hard and flicks up and down. His fingers are magic. With one hand he pumps my teenage nipple and with the other he touches the absolutely sensitive point on my virgin vagina and keeps moving over it in such swift motion that it is not long before I cum! With his tongue inside me, he sucks my virgin pussy…sometimes it is so exciting that I go off into another universe!
His dick is big. IT is the first time I saw one. The first time we dated we came back home and listened to music. My friends were not there. He moved in closer and closer and it was so romantic. His hand went around me and touched my teenage boob gently. I don’t know what happened and one thing lead to another. He took out his cock which was erect and it was huge. He rubbed it against my face and I couldn’t resist taking it in my mouth. At first I could not take it in as it was so big!! But I loved it. Licking it with my tongue, I sucked it like I would suck a lollipop…this I know turned me on so bad!! He got harder and I loved my power over him. I sucked as if there was no tomorrow and he soon came in my mouth. He fell back on the sofa completely drained and I got so excited. IT just made me feel so horny!!
My roommates were eager to get details but I kept this to myself. I feel there is something special going on between Kirsan and me but yet I don’t feel like taking the leap into breaking my hymen. As soon as I turned 18, I applied to and they wanted to sign me up for a solo casting video. I was very excited. As you know by now, nothing turns me on as much as showing my body to strangers. I agreed to masturbate for them on camera and reveal my intact hymen. Cheers!