Stacey. My virginity is for sale…

It was three years ago that I discovered my body was very special. I was always looking for an escape from the poverty and misery at home and feeling my body, my teenage nipples and my virgin pussy took me to a very special place. Last week I turned 18 years and I am still a virgin. gave me a fantastic birthday present – a video shoot. My first video shoot.

I am the eldest of four children. Our family has a goat farm and we all look after the animals. In fact this is our entire life. We all wake up very early and take turns to clean the house, the goat sheds. My father and two of my brothers take care of their grazing and food while my mother is busy almost all the time either milking the goats or making cheese. I and my sister help her. Sometimes it seems like I smell of goats and I hate it.We all went to school but my father feels it is just wasting time. My mother has grown thin and stays tired from working all the time. My father, on the otnher hand, does not work after he comes home in the evening. He gets drunk. He gets angry at small things and beats my mother if she replies back. Nowadays she remains quiet. My brothers too are becoming like him but I do not want to be like my mother.
As can be expected I do not have much friends. There is Alice whose family has a similar farm nearby but their farm is mainly for tourists and she has a much better life than me. When I get too upset at home, I run away to their farm for relief. It was on one such day three years ago that I discovered my body and the pleasure it can give. I had come to Alice’s home as I was feeling extremely tired from milking the goats all day. Alice was busy with some tourists and I saw myself into her room. I lay down on her bed and closed my eyes…unknowingly, one of my hands went on my chest and I started caressing my teenage boobs. Suddenly, my eyes popped open and I was not feeling tired anymore! My virgin pussy started aching and twitching…my hands automatically went there…I put my hand inside my panty and started rubbing my virgin vagina…ooohh…such a wave of feeling overcame me that I never knew earlier… I started moaning and my back arched up with joy. The room’s door was open but I did not care…I rubbed the lips of my virgin pussy faster and faster and suddenly a shudder went through my body and my fingers were wet!
My mood was now completely different. I felt refreshed and joyful. I went home with a song on my lips. From then on, whenever I got tired or angry or sad, this is what I do to life my mood and to take me to another place. I no longer felt I was in a smelly goat farm. I also now learnt about modelling and knew that was how I could escape from this world. I have seen YouTube videos of models training and have taught myself the many things a good model needs to know. I have learnt to walk, to pose and imagine that I have an audience in front of me.
When I got this chance for the video shoot from, it was a dream come true. This would be the first step for me to reach my goal. I now could get the confidence and actually pose in front of someone and not just imagine it. There are many more things I need to learn but those will only happen with experience. I feel will give me the right exposure and opportunity for good things to happen. I proved in front of the camera that I was a virgin. I am proud of myself for having the courage and confidence to do this. My brothers would probably hit me if they knew but I am 18 and an adult. My father too has no say in the matter. I want to earn money for myself and my mother. Someday I will bring her out of that farm and the torture from my father. She can stay with me. My sister too wants to become a model. I will try and help her as much as I can. There is also a chance of me losing my virginity in front of the camera. I am ready to do it if the producer gives me the opportunity. I really need the money. I thank and someday when I am in Paris or New York, I will look back to this day with gratitude.