Mashka Singer.

A month ago I turned 18. My friend, Tasha, gave me a surprise. She told me I too can become a model and gave me the information for my shoot. Being a very shy girl and a virgin, this is a big step for me.

Today, it’s a bit too exciting for me and I am a little nervous because it is the first time I tried to do something bold.
It is my friend actually who had always been interested in modelling. She always shared photos with me of famous models who looked super sexy and gorgeous. This got me very interested in modelling too. I do not know much about it but want to try it out. I have never done a photo shoot or worn beautiful clothes. I see how some of these models wear almost nothing and I keep looking at their body. Can I do and look the same?
When I came for the shoot, the producer let me know that I had to take off my clothes. He asked me if I was ready. I felt very shy because I had never taken off my clothes in front of boys. As a model I know I will have to do it but it made me nervous. What if they did not like my body? I felt very awkward and conscious. Revealing my teenage boobs and virgin pussy was a very bold step for me. My nipples were erect as I got very self-conscious and I felt very erotic.
I have often wondered about my hymen… Maybe it is like a thin film that blocks my vagina? I don’t really want to think it because I am too scared. I know what happens when I lose my virginity…how the cock of a man will penetrate my virgin vagina…I sometimes dream of a rugged, handsome man walking into my room and undressing me in my sleep. He will then take off his clothes. I will still be drowsy and half asleep. He will then kiss my teenage boobs, slide his hands down my body to my virgin pussy. His hands will push my knees apart and with his tongue he will lick my virgin vagina and climb on top of my. I will moan in my sleep as his big cock goes inside me. However, I am so terrified of the pain that I heard about that at this point my dream ends. I am really scared that I couldn’t bear the pain.
My mother is a nurse in the local hospital and she brought me up by herself. My father was a security guard and died when I was about eight years old. Mom spoke to me about what happens when I have sex and she told me how I can become pregnant if a boy has sex with me. She warned me to keep away from boys and I have always done that. I haven’t even kissed a boy till now.
In our school, after gym, we used to change in the dressing room. There was a window behind the room and boys used to peep in through the curtains. I am very shy about my body and I used to be very embarrassed. Once, while I was changing alone in the room, I caught sight of a boy peeping in. I had removed my top and was standing in my bra. I immediately covered myself and ran to change in the toilet.
While walking in school, boys sometimes tried to touch my teenage boobs but I did not allow and walked fast. Even now, sometimes while travelling by bus, men sit near me and try to touch my tits with their hands. One day, I was reading a book sitting on the bus. I was bending over the book and a little bit of my teenage tits could be seen. A man stood near me and after some time, I could feel his pants rubbing near my face. I looked up but he was looking somewhere else. I looked at his pants and I was so embarrassed. It was big and bulging out. I knew his dick must be big and erect. He seemed not to know but his dick kept rubbing my face. I did not know what to do. When the lady near me got up, he sat down. After sometime, I could feel his hands slowly touching my breasts. I did not know whether it was by accident. I moved away but he sat very close. When my stop came, I rushed out of the bus.
Today’s photo shoot experience was something very new for me. I had never masturbated in my life but I know it will give me pleasure. I am happy to discover feelings that I did not know I had. I am 18 years old now and I want to know more about the world. This is a good decision that I made and I thank the producer for giving me the opportunity.