Stacey. My virginity is for sale ..

It was three years ago that I discovered my body was very special. I was always looking for an escape from the poverty and misery at home and feeling my body, my teenage nipples and my virgin pussy took me to a very special place. Last week I turned 18 years and I am still a virgin. gave me a fantastic birthday present – a video shoot. My first video shoot.

I am the eldest of four children. Our family has a goat farm and we all look after the animals. In fact this is our entire life. We all wake up very early and take turns to clean the house, the goat sheds. My father and two of my brothers take care of their grazing and food while my mother is busy almost all the time either milking the goats or making cheese. I and my sister help her. Sometimes it seems like I smell of goats and I hate it. Continue reading Stacey. My virginity is for sale ..