Alina Redofed. Me, and my family..

Hello, I am Anna Redofed from Ukraine. I come from a large and happy family but unfortunately we are very poor. My father works on the land of another and my mother stitches at home.  I have five sisters and a brother, who is the youngest. Two of my elder sisters have been married. I have another sister elder to me and one younger to me at home.

As our cottage is very small, we were familiar with what happens between a man and a woman from childhood. Sometimes when our father came home after work, tired and sweaty, he would pull my mother from behind and they would rush off into their bedroom. Sometimes, the door would be left unlocked and I and my sisters would peep through the door. As my father pulled off my mother’s clothes, we too would get a thrill. She loved getting her breasts sucked by him and we too would rub our budding breasts in pleasure. As his cock stood straight, we would gasp, and as he rammed it into her, we too would feel the wetness between our legs. She would sometimes suck on his cock, making it big and I too dreamt of doing that one day with my husband, who would surely be much older, with a moustache and who would suck my virgin teats like my father did to my mother.
Later, in our room, where all of us slept together, we would take turns to pose naked on the bed. As I lay down, not a shred of clothing on my body, one of my sisters would blindfold me. I always heard them giggling as they lick my tiny pert breasts. They always made fun of my budding teats and called them bee stings. Even my younger sister was more developed than me. This was all in fun and this was how we got our simple pleasures at home. Outside, we walked eyes down on the road and we know we will never have a date until our parents arrange a boy for us.
I was delivering clothes that my mother had stitched to her client one day when I bumped into a man. He almost gasped. He walked along with me and told me that a friend of his was a photographer who would love to have me model for him. He would pay generously too. I took the address hesitantly. Returning home, I pulled my elder sister into our room and showed the card to her. Her eyes grew wide when she heard how much money I would get. There was no question of saying no. She said she will come with me and as the man had assured that it would be done privately, I was confident.
Both of us reached the studio in time the next day. I was awestruck with the big and beautiful room that was arranged for me, full of soft toys. I was given a big, pink rabbit that I loved. The photographer wanted to see my breasts and my sister gently beckoned me to remove my top. To my embarrassment, my virgin nipples were tight and straight. I could see the photographer getting aroused. My sister rubbed my back and I soon was at ease. As the camera clicked me from all angles, I was asked to reveal my intact hymen. I rubbed my clit with my fingers and as the lips were separated, my virginity was revealed for all of you to see!



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