Margaret Robbie. My virgin story.

Hey there! You must have seen my video by now… this was the most embarrassing moment in my life…or so you may be thinking. But I too have my secrets… a virgin’s secrets! I don’t think anyone who knows me will read this so I am getting bold enough to share it here. So come close… and please, please keep it to yourself only.

I am from Russia. I was probably just about six years old when my breasts started budding. They were just beginning to swell and I did not know what was happening. I was not very close to my mother and even though I loved my father, this was not something you spoke about with your dad. One day, something happened that changed my life… you can say it was turned upside down.

I came running home from school, my school bag trailing behind me. As soon as I entered our home, I bumped into someone. It was my cousin, Levente, from Saratov, a beautiful small town near my city. I had not seen Levente earlier, just heard that I have a cousin. He was the son of my father’s eldest brother. He immediately caught me in his arms and turned to my mother. “How big Margit has become”, he said. Levente had come to stay with us for a long time it seemed. He will be attending his high school in Moscow, my mother informed me. As I did not have anyone else at home, I became very excited to know this. My mother too was glad to have someone who could look after me if she was not around.

Levente was a great story teller. The next day, when my mother was out on some work, he started telling me the story of Princess Uletka but I already knew these. Tell me something new, I said. He thought about it and said, ok, let us get into bed, become more comfortable and I will tell you a ghost story! I was thrilled. I dragged him to my room and we both got into bed. He started telling me a very scary tale. As I cuddled near him, his hands stroked my budding teats. I did not feel it was anything wrong and was really enjoying it. It is very hot, he said, let us remove our clothes. I eagerly agreed, keeping my panties on. He kept me enthralled with story after story, all the while gently massaging my small, blossoming breasts.

Our adventure went on like this for many days. As I insisted, he started sleeping in my room. My parents did not think anything about this. He first kept himself restricted to my innocent boobs, which were like small apricots then. He used to lick them sometimes, nibble on them and sometimes squeeze them hard. He disappeared into the bathroom for ages afterwards. He stopped going to the bathroom one day and removed his shorts. His cock was hard and big and my eyes nearly popped out! I started giggling when he glared at me and then with one hand squeezing me, he started masturbating with the other. It was fascinating for me. He soon taught me to do this for him. He would lick my not yet open clit while I would use my hands and later my mouth to work magic on his big dick. Then, without warning, Levente had to leave us as his father, my uncle, became unwell. He then continued his studies from there and I felt miserable. I stopped eating well, kept to myself. My parents got very worried.

After some time, my father arranged for a full-time maid who would also give me company. She would walk with me to school, help me dress, give me a bath, play with me. One day, while undressing me for my bath, her fingers accidently touched my ripening teats. I looked at her startled and there was an electricity between us. Slowly and gradually, by accidental touches and while rubbing me during my bath, she started touching me.

The first night, as I lay down near her, she rubbed her legs against mine. I could feel something hairy. I took my hand down and touched her. She quivered with pleasure and pulled my hand into her. Do you want to see it, she asked. I nodded. She removed the quilt and spread her legs, her vulva quivering and glistening in the hair. My tiny mangoes now strained with pleasure. Her hands removed my top and then my pyjama bottom. Rub me, she said and I kept rubbing the lips of her labia with one hand and the other she guided to grab her plump breasts… She kept squeezing my innocent nipples till it really hurt me. After a while, she shook all over and suddenly lay back on the bed, tired and relaxed. The next night, she wanted to see my still ripening vagina. I was too young and did not have my pubic hair as yet. She spread my legs and started licking the tight lub. She started rubbing them and I got the most immense pleasure I could ever imagine.

One day, she too suddenly left our house and I do not know the reason even now. I soon went through puberty and became more and more drawn towards religion. I felt very guilty for what had happened earlier in my life. I felt I had to make a new beginning and went to confession in a church in my city while on vacation. I put my heart and soul into studies and unlike my other friends who were going around with boyfriends and slowly discovering their sexuality, I had all but forgotten mine. I got into a technical college. A week after I turned 18, I had a second awakening. I was staying with four other girls in a flat near the college. While all of them had an active social life, I stayed at home, studying and listening to music. As I got into bed that night in an empty apartment as all the other three were out on dates, I thought what a miserable life I had. I was all alone on a Saturday night. What was the use of my education if I did not have friends. I quickly got dressed again and almost ran out of the flat.

I entered a nearby pub and asked for a glass of beer. A stranger seated next to me smiled at me. I had become so shy nowadays that I couldn’t even smile back properly. His thigh accidently rubbed against mine and I jumped a mile. He did not say anything but handed me a card with the name of a photo studio on it. I showed it to one of my flat mates, Rosa, the next day. She almost squealed when she say the name. It seemed the photographer was very famous and took beautiful pictures. He pays very well for his models too it seems. At this stage of life, I was so ready for a change in lifestyle, you cannot imagine. To hell with decency and being a good girl. I too want attention. I too want boys to look at me! To tell me I am beautiful. To lose my virginity.

I reached the studio in a nervous state of mind. I was feeling so shy and awkward. As he called in inside, my first thought was, No, he does not like me! Then he asked me to stand up and turn around and said I was beautiful! I felt magnificent. Awkwardly and nervously, I fumbled with my clothes but I could notice his voice changing. Finally as I drew courage to remove my hands from my virgin breasts, I looked up from the floor and could see his manhood hardening in front of me. There was a tent developing in his pants as his cock strained to come out. He said he could not believe I was still a virgin, that I never had sex. I was really embarrassed as all my friends had regular sex. I spread my legs wide, pulled the lips of my virgin pussy apart and proved to him that Yes, my virginity was still intact. My cherry was ripe for the picking. As I started to have sex with myself, for the first time in my life, my shyness left me finally. I looked at my photographer’s pants and that added as a boost. As my fingers slid inside the wet vulva under his eyes, touching that sensitive spot I never touched on my own before, I did not even think twice. With one hand squeezing my nips, I gave in to the pleasure of coming wet and strong. My body arched and as I moaned with pleasure, I knew I was ready for whatever life had in store. “Are you willing to lose your virginity on camera”, I was asked. There will be an experienced man who would make sure that my first time was a memorable one. To make me moan in joy. To erase all past memories. Was I ready? Yes, I was most eager for the pleasure I knew I had in front of me.


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