The flight to Budapest was quick and uneventful.  I worried a little about what might happen to me if my husband returned to find me missing and right there, on that uneventful, unremarkable plane ride I decided that I didn’t care.  I decided that I was not going to go back to Russia, that I would find a way to stay in Budapest and maybe even become a porn actress.  I knew that I had a good body and naturally large pendulous breasts; the rest I could figure out.
We went straight from the airport to the studios at  I met with the producer who just happened to speak fluent Russian.  Fabulous!  We could communicate freely without having too use a translator.  Don’t get me wrong, translators are wonderful, just something always gets lost in translation and the fact that we were both Russian gave me an even better level of comfort.

The producer interviewed me and I told him of my interest in becoming a porn actress. He looked me up and down and all around and then he recommended me to an agent and made an appointment for me with that agent later in the afternoon.  He told me to come back as soon as I was finished and I did.  The producer was also a photographer and he had me strip out of my clothes and he put me in many different positions.  He even took pictures of my pussy and wile my pussy lips were still red and swollen from my husband’s drunken attempt to consummate our marriage, my hymen was still intact.

I loved the attention I was getting from all the activity between the producer, makeup artist and hairdresser, I felt like a princes; well, not quite a princess, but for once, all the attention was on me and in a good way, not a lecherous way.  I looked in the mirror and I could barely believe what I saw in my reflection!  I looked beautiful.  I felt beautiful. I felt confident!  And I was more than ready to lose my virginity to The Thomas Stone, porn star, handsome and hung.  My lips needed no touch up, my mouth was watering.

As confident as I was, I was still nervous.  I was, after all, just about to lose my virginity to a porn star, not to mention a complete stranger.  All of a sudden, sall my insecurities crept up behind me and took over, especially when it came time to me Tommy.

The closest way for me to describe the feeling of meeting him was that of a shy deer approaching a waterfall; I was hungry, yet, I was wary. He shook my hand with his firm grip and I was surprised by how warm his hands were and how gentle and polite he was with me.  I got the impression that he was there to take care of me and that this video we were about to shoot was going to be different than I had expected.  I wanted to smile big and bright, but all I could manage was a sly smile as I dipped my head a little and looked up at him through my eyelashes.  He rubbed three side of my arm and gave me a gentle kiss and before I knew what was happening, we were sitting side by side on the couch and Sergey was introducing me to Tommy.
Tommy started on his seduction the moment that Sergey started talking. Tommy  gently ran the back of his hand up my side and with small gestures with one or both of his hands, got my blood flowing.  How can mere touch become so erotic?  I wasn’t sure if I should moan or throw my head back in the pleasure from his warm hands.  Tommy’s grooming was impeccable; he was quite thoroughly manscaped and his fingernails were quite clean and well maintained.  Tommy was the furthest thing from my poor excuse for a husband.  In fact, I was quite shocked at my response to his touch!  I could have never imagined that I could be feeling such pleasure from a stranger’s touch!  All I could do was to give Tommy a sly and very shy touch, especially as he deftly slid his long and strong fingers into my panties to rub my flowing juices around my rapidly swelling pussy lips!
I was so focused on the pleasure my body was feeling, I barely registered it when Tommy stood up and let himself fall free from his pants.  I wondered if Tommy were going commando for me or if he always went commando.  Who cared at that point?  His cock was magnificent!  It was hard, yet smooth as the finest velvet; it was lined with thick veins that you could not only see the blood pulsing through, but you could see every beat of his strong heart.  When I took him in my mouth, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it; I was still entranced with the feel and heft of it, but it my mouth, his cock heated even more and I could feel the increase in his heart rate and I got my first taste of his slightly sweet, slightly salty sperm as my tongue lapped it up and my mouth began to suck on it eager for more.  With my nose nestled at the base of his cock, I got the smell of Tommy, the essence of his musk combined with the smell and taste of his cum and I was gone.  His moans spurred me forward and my spirit joined with his and the entire world disappeared.
Soon, we were both completely naked and he was thrusting his cock against my hymen and then he had torn through my hymen.  It didn’t really hurt, it burned from the sheer size of him; he knew what he was doing as he held still for a few moments as my pussy took time to adjust to his length and is girth.  Tommy was not just a professional lover, he was a considerate lover, too.  As he began to move his hips, his cock pulled out of me and instantly my pussy was bereft of its loss; yet I did not want to seem so eager as to push my hips back to meet his thrust, so I allowed him to take charge.  I wasn’t sure as to what noises I should be making.  It was painful, yet addicting.  I wanted him to pull back, yet when he did, all I wanted was for him to thrust back in.  I was so confused, so I just whimpered trapped between the feeling of pleasure and pain; want and need; desire and fervency because soon my body began acting on its own and a myriad of feelings were upon me that swirled around through my body and my mind so quickly that I could not comprehend what was happening and then in an instant my entire body seized and my pussy began powerfully contracting and then I was floating on a bed of pleasure that I never wanted to get up from. Soon after, Tommy pulled out and my body felt lost; my pussy wanted his cock to live in it; I was addicted to Tommy’s cock and I wanted more.
Tommy gave me more in another position and he gave me another orgasm that stunned me so much that when I climbed off of him, I had to examine my swollen pussy.  I had to feel my lips with my hands to verify how swollen they were and see for myself what this strange liquid was that was flowing from my pussy.  In short, I was in sock.  I looked to Tommy and with his eyes, he pulled me towards him and I took his hard cock in my hand and then my mouth, tasting the both of us; a strange flavor, but one I wanted more of.  Then I took his cock firmly in my hand and with strong fingers I pushed and pulled until he spurted white strands of his cum over my hands and his belly.
A strand landed on my ring finger; the finger which was supposed to bear the evidence of my marriage; yet in that moment, my  marriage had disappeared from my mind.  The evidence of the pleasure I brought a man, a man who was a stranger to me, who brought me the great pleasure my husband should have brought me; hung off my finger and I knew right then and there I would not be retuning to my home or my husband, that my life was now here in Budapest and I was determined to become a porn star.  It might be a rough life, but it would be a life of pleasure.  It would be my life and I would have control over my life.  I would nt. be a slave to a man who only cared about his pleasure.  Nor would I be a slave to one who only cared about my presence to how it benefited him and him alone.
You may have just watched me lose my virginity to a porn star for the camera, but what  you witnessed was far more than that.  You witnessed my rebirth from an enslaved girl to an independent woman; you witnessed my transformation to whom I shall become from the little girl trapped in a hopeless life without the possibility of love, you witnessed the real taking of my virginity, my very first sexual experience, the only true documentation of the most pivotal point in my life.  I hope that as my career progresses, you will continue to follow me, even if I do another “virginity loss” scene (I hear they are quite a popular story line) and you shall remember that it was THE TOMMY STONE who took my virginity and that it didn’t just make me a woman; it transformed my life.  I hope I get to work with Tommy again as he was an amazing fuck; but even more so, because he is an amazing man and I shall never forget this day or him.



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