Maria Aphrodite’s Story (Afrodite Night)

When I got my first period, none of my friends had entered menstruation and I was not only ashamed of having my period, I was terrified of having my secret discovered, so I stayed at home each month for the four to five days of my period. I could shave off the evidence of hair from my legs, under my arms and my pussy, too. But I could not ignore my budding breasts. I was fit and slim and my breasts firmly stood out 3-4 inches from my chest. I was forced into a supportive bra before my friends even had little buds of breasts. I wore loose blouses to disguise my breasts, but the older I got, the bigger they got and the jeers from boys turned into cheers of adoration. Suddenly, my curse had become my source of attraction from many male admirers and the curse of those who had mocked me in the past.


I was thrilled! I had many dates which resulted in heavy make out sessions starring my more than ample breasts, but I had not yet met. A young man who captured my heart enough for me to give into him fully.

That is, until I met Frederik. He was funny and charming, sexy and his natural scent was intoxicating. About the same time I met Frederik, I had signed with an erotic agency as I had heard that I could make good money by posing for pictures and even more money by having sex on film. I was still a virgin, so the thought of having sex on film with a strange man was a foreign concept for me; but I was okay with taking pictures and making money from my breasts. It was ironic that the things that had caused me such stress and embarrassment would make me money!


When my agent sent me to Sergey to model, I was instantly impressed with the young photographer. He was handsome and had intense brown eyes. If he had not been wearing a ring that indicated that he was married and had Frederik not been in my life, I think I would have done my best to seduce him. It was obvious that Sergey was attracted to me as for most of the shoot, the tent in his pants told the truth. He was “very” an magnificently attracted to me. But, he never lost his professionalism. He never touched me inappropriately, he never made lewd comments and he worked quickly and methodically; his attention to detail and the way he moved gave nod to his great talent as a photographer.

When he discovered that I was a virgin, he became contemplative and then he called my agent. And then my agent called me. Soon, I had agreed to be deflowered in front of the camera. With one exception; my boyfriend Frederik would do the job. If I was going to become a porn actress, at least my virginity would not be taken by a stranger, rather that would happen with a young man that I loved and who loved me, too.


The day of my defloration arrived and Frederik and I had viewed several defloration scenes that Sergey had provided so that we would know just what was expected. I have to admit watching other virgins losing their virginity both terrified me and excited me. Watching them excited Frederik, too and he wondered if Sergey would give us a membership of our own to enjoy in the future. When we got to the studio, Frederik impatiently waited for the hair and makeup artist to finish her job as he was excited to get started, in fact, Frederik was so hard, his beautiful cock was jumping all around and while the artist was working on me, he’d come over and pull it out for me to hold and give it a little suck or two. The makeup artist chastised me for messing up my makeup, so Frederik went into the other room and let her finish.


I know that Frederik was excited and I was too. Everything went along well until I got a fit of the giggles. And it became infectious! Soon, we were all giggling, for God know why, but it was extraordinarily difficult to get back started, but we did manage to finally get ourselves under control and continue with the process of taking my virginity.

I knew it would be painful. I just didn’t know it would be that painful. Frederik did his best to make it as painless as possible he was gentle, he made sure I was well lubricated, he tried gently rocking into me and at one point, I thought he was in me, but it was just the tip of his large and swollen head. At this point, Frederik was having problem with his erection. I was certain it was because he was unsuccessfully penetrating my virgin pussy and tearing through my hymen. Sergey said it was normal, that sometimes even professional fuckers had problems, too, most likely when they had done one or more video in a day. It sounded reasonable as by this time we’d been at it a while. So, Frederik took a viagra and soon we were back on track to taking my virginity.


Finally, after spending much time trying to be gentle, Frederik pulled my pussy almost flush with his groin, grabbed my legs, lined his throbbing cock up with my swollen virgin pussy and thrust hard and fast, tearing my hymen and he kept pushing until he was fully seated in my pussy, the tip of his magnificent cock touching my uterus and hi girth stretching me tight. It was so fast, it took a brief moment for the pain to register and as quickly as the pain came, Frederik began thrusting hard and fast and the burn from him stretching me wide and fucking me deep blended into the most exquisite feeling of warmth and fullness that my orgasm was rushing upon me and the world went white as fireworks of multicolored hues burst from behind my eyes as I fell weightless over the precipice of my orgasm. I was no stranger to my orgasm, but this one, the one brought on through penetration was just so far superior to whatever I had achieved on my own, that I was officially addicted to Frederik’s dick.


Going into the adult entertainment industry, I mostly worked in the lesbian or solo genre. I felt less like betraying my boyfriend’s loyalty when I did a lesbian scene, but I could not exclusively film lesbian and solo and be as successful as I wanted to be, so there were others, but I really, really liked working with Steve Holmes. I had no difficulty giving it up to Steve and his magnificent cock. He really knew how to fuck me and make it good. Steve Holmes was always one fine fuck an next to Frederik, the best fuck I ever had.

I stayed in the industry until I had met the goals I had set for my life and career. I had a marvelous career and I have a wonderful life that all started with my big boobs and the talented photography of Sergey. What a thrill it has been for me!



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