Matilda Oj- Part One

Hello, my name is Matilda and I am 19 years old.  My older brother used to take me to the clubs when I was younger because I appeared older than I really was and he said it paid to have a hot girl on his arm when he went looking for hot girls.  Whatever!  I like to drink and I like to dance and I like to make out with boys, so it was a win-win situation for both of us.  He got the hot girl to take home and I got to party and he paid for it!
It was on one of these journeys to the clubs that I lost my virginity to a man I didn’t know and he was an older man; a man I would most likely not have been attracted to if I were sober, but I had too much to drink that night and one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was outside, my chest to the cold brick wall and a cock shoved up my pussy.  When he was done, he left me there.  I didn’t even know his name, I don’t even think he mentioned it and to be truthful, at the time, I really didn’t care.  I was 15.

I wasn’t the only virgin at school.  Sex was happening on a daily basis with my girlfriends and we were always quick to share with each other what we liked and what we didn’t like.  It was fun and I didn’t regret it not being special at all, well at least until my girlfriend and I discovered on her father’s computer.  He had the user name and password written down on a sheet of paper under his desk blotter and it became a tradition of ours to hurry home from school on Fridays to watch the latest videos of virgins being deflowered by either a dildo, fingers or even a hot guy.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw him, Renato. It was 2011, I was 15 and has lost my virginity at the club.  Never before had I regretted losing my virginity as when I saw Renato take his first virgin.  OMG!  He was handsome and then some.  He was hotness and sexiness personified.  He was tan and wearing a white t-shirt.  His muscles were well defined, especially in his legs and abdominals and all I could think about was how his physique could power into my vagina and take my orgasms to heights unimaginable.  When he parted her legs to view her hymen I could see her pussy clenching in anticipation of some really hot fucking.  No matter how painful it could have been for her, I doubt she minded it one bit if it meant that Renato would fuck her virgin pussy.  When I went home that night, I secretly accessed her father’s membership and downloaded that video onto my laptop.

That began my obsession with Renato.  I searched the internet far and wide for videos with Renato.  With every video, I fell more and more in love and in lust with Renato.  I would set that video to replay all night long and with headphones on I’d listen to him fuck her over and over and the sounds of pleasure coming from his mouth played all night long.  I fantasized while masturbating to his video that it was I he was fucking and not that girl.  Soon, I began to become jealous of all the girls he fucked.  I doodled in my notebooks in class things like “Matilda and Renato” and “True Love Forever” and Mrs. Matilda Renato.

I even found a dildo manufacturer who would make me up a dildo fashioned after his long hard cock and when it arrived, complete with the slight upturn of his bulbous head, it filled me pussy almost nightly.

You might say I was slightly obsessed.  So, when I turned 18, I contacted and said I wanted to be a model and I wanted to do a scene with Renato.  I failed to mention that I was no longer a virgin, but at least it got me the appointment.

When I had arrived at the studios, the producer had me strip off all my clothes and he probably thought ill of me because I kept asking about Renato.  He became exasperated with me and when it came time to check my virginity and he discovered my little secret, he blew a gasket.  He yelled at me and asked me “what part of 100% Virgin did you not understand?”  When he calmed down, I asked him if I were a virgin, would he hire me and would he let Renato deflower me.  His answer was of course, that I would meet the terms of the contract.  He could only have answered that way because he knew that I had already lost my virginity and would never be able to meet the terms of the contract.  So, I thanked him for his time, got dressed and left him to his ill mood.

But, I had a plan…..

Be sure to check back on Friday for my solo video shoot and to read part two of my story.

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