Anna Lukina

Hello, my name is Anna and I lost my virginity to Renato at Before meeting Renato I was a virgin in every sense of the word. I had never had a man kiss me before, I had never felt a man’s hands on my body before and I had never experienced so much pleasure in the span of an hour as I did with Renato.


I come from a small town in Russia. Everything there is stuck in the past; from the clothes, to the music to antiquated traditions, we have no sights on the future, we are mired in the days of old. We see no reason to change and we expect others to change to our way of thinking or they are easily outcast.

I grew up in this town, accepting of the past and never wanting to change anything until I found a romance novel in the library. It was hidden I am sure to keep from impressionable eyes, but my eyes found it and the picture of the very large man with a flowing mane of hair on the cover with eyes of green and hair of spun gold. A young woman in a beautiful flowing dress was held tightly in his arms and her eyes held untold tales of passion. The cover drew me in and as I began to read of the scandalous behavior, I knew that I would have to continue to hide the book in the library and return often to continue to read it, had I taken it home, I would have been punished for my transgressions. I learned of love and sex in that book and of being free to choose who you fall in love with. I learned of sex outside of marriage and of passion I did not see in any of our citizens. In my heart, I wanted everything these people were free to have and I was no longer content to the future that was laid out in the past by my family.

I had heard through whispered gossip of the services of and I anonymously sent them an e-mail from a fake address at the library. I needed for them to make me not a virgin anymore and I needed to sell them my virginity so that I could afford to travel to the studios and to be able to escape my fate once I returned home as a woman and no longer a virgin.

You see, when I was 16, my hand in marriage was made to a friend of my father’s. He was as old as my father and even uglier. He was short and had a large stomach. His face and balding head were always oily and he looked upon me as if he were a starving man. He smelled of too much cheap cologne and his breath smelled of cheap tobacco and booze. His breath was hot and his body gave off a suffocating heat. I was made to sit with him at many meals and at church as he made great efforts to clasp my hand with his sweaty palms. He nauseated me and the closer I got to becoming 18, the worse his offenses became and the more I dreaded my birthday. One evening at dinner, he announced to everyone his plans on taking my virginity and how wonderful it shall be that no man had ever touched me except for him. I blushed scarlet at such a frank discussion in front of my family and when he announced that he would like to take my ass before I turned 18 and we wed, I knew I had to do something to escape this horrible fate.

But while being humiliated that night, I learned one thing, that it was my virginity that made me a prize and I was determined to remove that prize so that I would be free of this arranged marriage and free to live and love how I wanted. So, I made arrangements to arrive at the studios just a few days after my 18th birthday and to let a professional porn star take what mattered most to that vile man.

On my 18th birthday, my parents threw a big party for me and my intended husband. Much alcohol was consumed and several men accosted me and tried to take my virginity. They were interrupted by my best girlfriends who knew of my plan and I was spared the humiliation of being raped on my birthday. The next day I was on the bus headed for Budapest and the taking of my virginity.


I was very nervous at first, I had been told how much it would hurt, especially with a big dick, but the pain was of little consequence to what my future held if I returned to my village a virgin. The photographer spoke Russian and he served as an interpreter between Renato and me. He made me feel very comfortable by explaining everything that would happen to me. He told me that I had the power, that even though I had signed a contract and money had been forwarded to me for my trip, that I could say stop at any time and it would be over.


When I met Renato, he was glorious perfection. I could not imagine that such a handsome man would want to fuck me. So, I became even more nervous. He gentled me with his beautiful voice and his warm eyes. He caressed me with fingers as gentle as an angel’s wings as he began to introduce me to great pleasure. So many emotions were swirling in my brain as my body began to register these new and foreign sensations and at times they became so intense, that I had to stop and let myself process them before we could move on.

I had hoped he would have a small dick and when I saw the size of his, my eyes grew wide and my mouth dropped in sheer fright. But Renato assured me that his dick was not so big and that it would fit in my innocent pussy.


When he impaled himself on me, I cried out in shock from the pain. He dared not move and then soon, my body began to adjust to his entrance and soon, I was feeling nothing but pleasure as he took me in many different positions. At one point, we took a slight breather from fucking and he taught me how to suck him. I tasted my juices on him and at first I wasn’t sure about that, but when I began to taste him, mixed with my essence, I became intoxicated with lust and everything from that point on changed. I was empowered and bolded. I was not only giving pleasure to this man, my body was taking it from him. Each orgasm grew larger and more potent until the time when we came together and the earth not only moved, the cosmos shifted on its axis and I ceased to be and Renato ceased to be and we became one.


I never wanted to leave Budapest and return home after that experience. My little village held nothing more for me, save heartache and imprisonment in a place that refused to embrace the future.

But now, I had sold my virginity. I was no longer an asset to my father’s friend and no longer welcomed in my family because of my betrayal. Funny how they never saw that marrying me off to an old man that I did not love or want to marry was not a betrayal of me.

It no longer mattered. I was free. I had some starting money from selling my virginity and I was on my way to a life lived for me. I had been liberated from a future of heartache and boredom and now, I live a better life. It isn’t always easy, but it is always better.


Thank you Renato and for everything!

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  1. Anna Lukina may be the most beautiful girl in And she was a confirmed virgin as the camera was moved very slowly from her hymen to her face. There was no camera trick.

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