Nicole Birdman

Today I bring to you the story of Nicole Birdman, our newest virgin model and it is not a pretty story.  I thought long and hard about telling you the real story; the entire story and after much thought, I knew I needed to bring you the truth.  In this case, truth is definitely stranger than fiction.  Franchesca


Hi, my name is Nicole Birdman and I am living my dream of being an erotic model.  My virginity is quite prized in modeling, and I’ve done well to keep it; but to be honest, I almost lost my prized innocence in the days before I shot the video for

I may be a virgin, but I am no innocent.  I like to watch porn at night before I go to bed and I masturbate regularly.  I read erotic romance novels and I dream of the alpha male characters taking me roughly and fucking the living daylights out of me.  As I pass by boys and men on the street, I assign them massive cocks and pass the time by imagining them breaching my virgin pussy.  For a virgin, I am certainly most horny!

I have a vibrator that I hide under my mattress and if I weren’t so afraid of breaking my hymen, I’d have a gigantic thrusting dildo, too.  But my most favorite place to masturbate, is the shower.  I love how the hot water slides down my body and slides off my legs and puddles on the floor.  I love how slippery my shower gel makes my skin as I rub my hands all over my body and my nipples begin to pebble as I imagine a handsome man paying my body the same attention.
I spend extra care when cleaning my shaved pussy, my hands glide through my folds and it begins to tingle deep in my belly and my hand automatically rises to pinch and roll my nipples between my fingers.  As both of my hands are busy making love to my body, I build my dream man in my mind.  He is tall, dark and very handsome.  His eyes are a caramel color and are deep and filled with lust for my teenage virgin body.  His strong arms pull me close to him and his cock lands heavily between my breasts.  I envision the droplets of pre-cum spilling off his cock onto my chest and as I pull my breasts together, I imagine him rubbing his cock between my breasts until his breathing becomes erratic and his seed explodes from him in long streams of pure white.  I imagine his salty and sweet taste as I lick him clean and soon, from my hands alone, I am coming.


My knees are weak as I lean against the wall of the shower, but I am not done.  I adjust the nozzle on the shower head to a thick pulsating stream and I aim it right at my virgin pussy.  I dial up the massage strength as far as it will go and I seat myself on the shower floor.  I aim the pulsating stream direct to my clit and as my orgasm begins to build, I imagine the large cock of my lover pounding into me over and over.  I move the nozzle back and forth, ever so often grazing my asshole and soon my legs are quaking with the strength of my orgasm as I envision fireworks exploding in my brain.  As I lay boneless propped against the shower wall, the warm water soothes me as I come down from my orgasm.

Soon, I am dried off and dressed and ready for bed.  That is when I watch videos from my porn collection.  I favor Thomas Stone, Renato and Sabby, they all come close to my ideal lover and with the help of my hidden vibrator, I come again and again until my aching clit is finally satisfied and sleep envelops me as I dream of lovers and rough and carnal sex.  I end everyday with a shower and many orgasms and I look forward to the day that I do lose my precious innocence and give in to the wonderful passion and orgasms that real vaginal penetration shall bring as well as giving up my ass to whomever desires it.

Until recently, I was alone in my fantasies.  But a few weeks before I posed for my solo video, I discovered that I wasn’t alone.  I’d had a feeling of being watched for a while, but I just chalked that up to my vivid fantasies.  I should have trusted my instincts, because I did have a visitor, and interloper to my fantasies, my very own older brother.

My brother is six years older than I am, a real man.  He works hard and he is very handsome.  But he has been watching me.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about that at first, I was confused, this was not acceptable or was it?  I have read books about stepbrothers and other taboo sex stories, but while being tales of forbidden sex, they were rather titillating. I started inserting my brother into the pictures of my imaginary lovers and my fantasy hotness quotient doubled.
With my fantasies fueling my actions, I began to play to him while I masturbated.  Perhaps he thought I was performing for an imaginary audience, but in truth, he became my only audience.  The more I knew he was watching, the more I masturbated. The more I masturbated the more he watched.  And the bolder we both became.  At first, he spied upon me through a small crack in the door, but eventually, the crack widened as his boldness grew. Soon, I could tell that he was stroking his cock and within days, I caught my first sight of his cock as he stroked himself through the ever widening crack in the door.  He was long and very thick.  There was a roadmap of veins covering its heft and I imagined what pleasure those ripples would bring to my pussy.  I watched as he stroked himself from base to tip, swirling his hand around the tip before making its return trip back down its considerable length.  The more he stroked, the larger he became and when I imagined him to be fully erect, his own hand barely was able to contain its girth.  This went on for several days until in great boldness I called his name as I came in the shower.
His hand dropped from his beautiful cock and I motioned him into the bathroom.  He hesitated at first, then checked to make sure there were no witnesses to his perversion and entered the shower with me.  He came into the shower and pulled close to me and in his movement, as in my fantasies, his cock landed heavily against my chest and snuggled into the cleft between my breasts.  I felt the intense heat that rolled off of him and I relished in the sweet fragrance that his arousal made.  Our eyes locked upon each others and we stared into the depths of our souls as our hands roamed all over each other’s bodies.

His hands clasped my pussy and his deft fingers drew lazy circles around my clit and when he tried to breach my virgin pussy with his thick fingers, I pulled back and shook my head.  He understood and pulled me back close again continuing his onslaught on my most sensitive parts, taking care to show my peach hole attention as I showed it with the shower head.  The fact that while he had been watching, he’d been paying attention blew my mind as I instinctively pushed my breasts together and he began to thrust between them.

Soon, I began to feel the tell-tale signs of my impending orgasm and I threw my head back as his name escaped my mouth on a whisper. He was still circling my clit as I slowly came down from my first real orgasm and as his thrusts through my breasts became more erratic, he stilled quickly and as he swore, great streams of cum flew all over my breasts and covered them most spectacularly, just as I had fantasized.   As I liked myself clean and enjoyed the taste of my brother, he pulled me even closer and my mouth watered at the thought of taking his pulsing head into my mouth.

When we finally parted, we were flush with the aftermath of our orgasms and our embarrassment at our uncontrolled passion.  So far, this has happened only once, but the memories of our shower together are now the cornerstone of my fantasies.  I no longer have to dream up a book boyfriend for my masturbation sessions, though I still watch my porn, but the reality of a man taking me to orgasmic heights as I pleasure him equally is far superior to any written fantasy that I could ever imagine.

I still must keep my innocence as it is a priceless commodity for me and I hope to secure my future with my virginity.  When I can no longer profit from my purity, then I shall sell my virginity, perhaps to Tommy Stone and his producer, but I know that when that is done, my brother will be most willing to serve as the reality of future fantasies. You can download my video here:

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