Anna Derevjanko. Become an adult film star.

Hello,  Before I get too into my story, I want to thank all of you who have watched my video at and for your support of this site.  I am indebted to both Tommy and the producer and photographer at for taking my virginity and providing me with a sound foundation for my career in the adult entertainment industry.
I am now 22 years old and it has been an adventurous four years since Tommy took my virginity and I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with Tommy again.  He is a very, very nice man and even though most of our work is scripted,he manages to make the fuck amazing.

It wasn’t like I had planned to become an adult film star.  I thought when I was about 15, that I might want to be a model.  Or even a regular actress.  I enjoyed participating in school plays and when I was 14, I began developing into the woman I am today.  I had always had a naturally slim figure because I was active in dance and enjoyed playing in the out doors instead of sitting at home watching the television or reading, though I did like to read romance novels that I hid between my mattress from my mother.  I fantasized about all those strong and virile men taking my virginity and claiming me as their own and that led to many self masturbation sessions as I grew older and by the time I was close to 18, I knew that I wanted to be at least an erotic model, if not an actress.  After all, if I wanted to be a mainstream model or actress, I would have to move to Hollywood, USA and that was simply out of the question.
I knew if I were to become an erotic model or adult actress, I would need to lose my virginity and having no boyfriend at the moment, my options seemed quite limited save my buying a large dildo and shoving it up my pussy and tearing the hymen myself.  But, having read so many romance novels, I wanted it to be special and something memorable and so I set out to find a resource for my defloration.  I’d heard rumors at school of a very handsome man who was a professional at taking a girl’s virginity and that you could get paid quite nicely for allowing them to film it.  I contacted the producer, we met and I signed a contract and so, I returned, quite nervously a short time later, just after my 18th birthday.  The producer was so nice and gave me so much helpful advice including setting me up with an agency that I still work with today.
When I met Tommy, I was a little bit intimidated.  He was a very large man, with these huge hands that when laced together, could completely encircle my tiny body.  He was so tall, much taller than most of the boys I knew and he was fit and muscular, but not freakish.
We began with our still shots and my goodness did he have a humongous cock!  It was straight and thick and veiny and I was not only surprised to see it but I was also aroused by it.
I couldn’t see how he was going to get that thing in my pussy, but my pussy got wet and let me know it was willing to try!  At that point, I didn’t care how big it was, I just wanted to have that cock in my pussy!  His eyes widened a bit in surprise and I think he could tell that I was aroused, anyhow, his surprise turned dark to a look of what my favorite authors would call lust and I loved that look on him.  His big brown eyes were warm to begin with, but when they turned dark, you could see the flecks of gold surrounding his pupils turn to waves of dancing flames.  That look and his scent of spice and a cigar perhaps along with the scent of his arousal was intoxicating.  And I couldn’t wait for him to take my virgin pussy in hand and to fuck me.
We both were ready to get down to this defloration and neither of us needed much foreplay.  I was as hot for him as it seemed he was for me.  Before I knew it, he was trying to breach my hymen and it hurt like fucking hell when he finally broke through, all the way to the point his dick was becoming well acquainted with my womb.  I had no idea that a cock like that would fit in me and reach to very most deep part of my pussy.  And I loved it!  The pain became a searing heat, warming my pussy and setting my insides on fire.  He then began to move, slowly and gently at first, but I pushed back towards him and met him thrust for thrust as we met our rhythm and began to move as one.
We switched positions and I rode him in the cowgirl position.  In this manner I was in control and I loved the feeling that I had as my pussy rode his cock up and down and there were so many emotions going through my head and I began to feel my impending orgasm.  I felt my toes begin to curl as all the muscles in my lower body began to tighten and clench and it became more difficult for Tommy’s cock to move freely in my clenching pussy and then it was upon me and as I threw my head back and moaned in ecstasy I saw blinding white light with scattered blue and red stars as my pussy caught on fire.
I felt my pussy pull against him even tighter and he was frustratingly trying to pull his cock from my pussy so he could release his hot sperm on my backside.  His heat was incredible and yet, I was disappointed that he did not come in me, I soon craved the feeling of his heat coating my inner walls instead of cooling on my ass.  But as I have learned the cum shot is more important than my desires.
Holy Shit!  That was amazing!  My first time was nothing I could have possibly imagined and certainly far more satisfying than any romance novelist could have prepared for me.  Lucky for me, I ended up at the same agency that represented Tommy and I’ve had the opportunity, no make that the incredible pleasure of being fucked by him again in front of the cameras.
I certainly didn’t grow up dreaming of being an erotic actress, but everything and everyone I’ve worked with has been amazing.  I am a  very, very lucky girl that Tommy was my first and that I have the opportunity to work with him again.
I really am grateful to, its producer and photographer and of course, to Tommy, for making my entree video into the business such a wonderful and magical experience.  So, now that you know my story, visit me here at to watch my video and see how the story unfolds.  I know you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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  1. I am really surprised that Mr. tommy is not infected with some std ( sexually transmitted disease) in case you don’t know what std stands for. no hiv or aids. just because she is a very doesn’t mean nothing. no condom. interesting pretty stupid and not to intelligent in thinking that you cant catch something.

    ps : for the not so wise tommy please keep in mind I am a doctor in Toronto, Canada, and I can reassure you that a lot of diseases can be contacted, and no symptoms can be seen for months to years. I shouldn’t have to tell you that. I do use this video for educational purposes and for tutorial’s.

    Thank you

    Dr. imran

  2. Before filming all models have a medical examination. We have a certificate test for hepatitis, AIDS and other diseases. This is the the rule…

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