Sasha Politruk.

Hi, my name is Sasha and I am proudly a young teenage virgin.  I’m sure you have been looking at my pretty picture and enjoying them as much as I enjoyed having them taken.
A little girl like me does not grow up wishing to be an erotic model.  Well, not exactly.  I wanted to be a model ever since I was a little girl and would play dress up in my grandmother’s fine clothes that she kept in a trunk lined with cedar.

She had all sort of beautiful finery, dresses that flowed when we would twirl around, beautiful shoes with crusted jewels and hats with feathers and netting.  We were quite the fabulous bunch as we would strut our stuff across the hall while waiting for our mother to pick us up when she finished work.
The older I grew, the more fascinated I became with models and fashion and I would discover magazines that others had thrown away as we were too poor to afford such luxuries. I would read those magazines over and over and I practiced all the poses that the models would make and I followed the Kardashians on TV and wished I was Kendall because she was the most beautiful teen model I’d ever seen.  I watched her on the runway and made like I was walking the runway with her.
When I was just sixteen, I went to a modeling agency in my little town and I announced that I was ready and when could I have a contract.  I was told I would have to come back when I was 18.  So, I did.  The manager took me inside, pulled out his camera and told me to strip naked.  I was a little challenged by this, but I thought it was normal.  When he finished, he sent me on my way and he told me that I would have a job in a few days.  I was so excited, my dream was about to come true.
He called the very next day and I was sent to a photographer.  He was very nice and I had a makeup artist and hairdresser and I felt so very special.  I was excited to see what beautiful dresses I would wear and when they finished with my hair and face, I went into the next room when the photographer was.
I was confused.  There were several video cameras and the photographer had several cameras standing by on a table.  They had different lenses and filters.  He turned on the video cameras and just stared at me.  And I just stared right back at him.  Where was the costumes?  The beautiful dresses?  The current music to move to?  Was I missing something?
Yes, I was, the photographer wanted me to take off my clothes.  I still just stared at him.  The he yelled at me asking me what I thought I was getting paid the big money for!  I was getting paid?  Big Money?  My agent didn’t mention anything about getting paid or what I would be doing.  And like I said, I didn’t spend my childhood dreaming of being an erotic model, but I was here, the photographer said the right thing about big money, so I just did it.
At first, I was a little shy.  Its hard to take off your clothes in front of a strange person much less a man.  But as I started to strip, the more clothes that came off, the easier it became to do it.  Soon, I was starting to play with the pillows on the couch and flirting with the photographer who seemed to be enjoying my young virgin body.  Then he wanted to take pictures of my hymen (whatever that is) and he brought the camera very   close to my private areas.  He kept murmuring about what a beautiful pussy and ass I had and the more pictures he took, the more he was sweating and his pants began to look like they were getting tight, as if he’s stuffed too much of his sweater down into his pants.  I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but he seemed very happy about it and that was good for me.
When he was done, he grabbed me by the arm and drew me closer to him.  In a ragged voice, he told me to guard my hymen well, that it would be very valuable to the right people.  So, whatever he meant, I will take it to heart.
He told me he was going to send my pictures to a very special producer in Budapest and that soon, I would be a star.  He said that my career would be fabulous as an erotic model and that men appreciated young pussies and real breasts and firm asses and that as long as I keep my natural beauty, I would be a hit.
So, now you are seeing my young, tight virgin pussy and my session with the photographer and I am assured that you are enjoying them.  Perhaps you will see me soon in another video with another model as my career as an erotic model continues.  Until then, you can view all my videos and pictures here at

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