Blackie. Losing of virginity.

After my initial solo session with the photographer whose kind words encouraged me, I really felt as if I could become a porn star.


I started to calculate the money I would make as a porn star and by the time I met Tommy and it came time to take my viginity, I had decided that this would be my career.  Of course I would still go to school and become a nail technician so I would have something to fall back on when I decided to retire from making porn.  But my calculations were on target and I knew I would make a fortune as a porn star.

I played the whole event very cool.  I did not want Tommy or the photographer to feel that they affected me.  Inside, I was nervous.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I’d heard rumors about Tommy and they were good. He didn’t touch me much or kiss me a lot, he was just so.  I didn’t feel much of anything.  He licked my breast and it was good, but it didn’t excite me much.  When he breached my hymen, it hurt, a little, nothing more than a finger stick for a blood test.  And it felt good as he moved back and forth, but honestly, I thought it would feel different.


We tried different poses and they were just that, different poses, same sensation. Nothing exciting like all the girls twitter about.  I finally got tired of it all and climbed off of Tommy, ready to hit the showers.  But he wanted to come, too, if what happened was that I came, okay, but he wanted me to move my hand up and down to make him come.  And then he needed it faster.  This was beyond disgusting to me.  And when he sprayed his milk all over, well, that was just vile.  Tommy then told me that I needed to get used to different positions and having that milk end up at different places on my body and maybe even in my mouth!  Well, no thank you.  I didn’t like it this time and I know I won’t like it next time, so no thank you.  I’ll stick with becoming a nail technician.  They make good money, well not as good as a porn star makes, but then again, I’ve never been rich, so I’ll make good money and leave the stardom to others.  How anyone can enjoy sex is beyond me!

Well, I’ve made my money and I can go to school now.  I won’t worry about others seeing my videos and pictures and I’ll carry on in my life.  It was an experience, Tommy was very nice and so was the photographer and the producer; but being a porn star just isn’t for me.  Neither is sex; my mother was right about boys and I’ll do well to remember her words in the future.

You can download my first porn video here:

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