Rita Ulyanova

Rita Ulyanova

I grew up in a very poor section of Moscow.  The fair weather lasted too long and the winters lasted even longer.  We were always cold; always hungry; always in need of something.



Both of my parents worked very hard and still we suffered from great want.While we didn’t have much, our lives were full of love and great passion.  For entertainment we made up stories at night in the dark of our apartment because we could not always afford electricity.  My mother was creative with scraps she would scrounge for that others had thrown away and we ate with great relish for the feast she would prepare.

My mother was brilliant and she taught me how to read and while we could not afford instruments, she taught me everything she knew about the beauty of music.  My father was also brilliant and he taught me of math and science. If it weren’t so apparent of our great wants and needs, I probably would never have thought us to be poor, but there were great differences between me and the other children at school and the older I got, the more painful our poverty became. So, when I read about the woman who sold her virginity at an online auction for about 7500 Euros, I knew I had found a way to support my family and pull us out from under such extreme poverty.

I enlisted the help of a classmate who had a computer and set myself to find this auction where I could sell my virginity.  I wasn’t able to find the auction site, but I did find an ad for a photographer who I could sell my virgin photos and he would pay extra to film the loss of my virginity.  I was desperate so I contacted him and thanks to a loan from my friend, I found myself on a bus headed for Budapest, Hungary.


The travel gave me time to think upon my choice and by the time I had arrived at the studio, I had decided that this one time payment would help, but it would not remove us from such poverty.  There were not a lot of opportunities for girls like me but if I could become a porn star, then I could provide for my family.  I did not harbor any fantasy that my parents would be proud of my career choice, but I knew that they had such a hard life and they took such good care of me, that it was time that I take on their burden. I was upfront with the producer and the photographer about my desire to become a porn star and he assured me that he would do everything in his power to make my dream come true.

The photographer took many pictures of me and then some solo videos.  He processed them immediately and then sent them over to a modeling agency who was willing to sign me right away.  But first we needed to film an audition tape showing me having sex with a man.  The man would be Thomas Stone, a famous Hungarian Porn Star and he would take my virginity for the camera.


I was very nervous.  I had no experience with boys or men for that matter and here I was to allow a famous man who fucked women for money to take my innocence. When I met him, he was very kind.  He gently caressed my skin and while the photographer was setting the lighting, he would steal a kiss here and touch me a little bit there and by the time we were ready to shoot the loss of my innocence, I was breathless with desire for him.

His brown eyes speared me with his heated gaze as he began the process that would lead to the destruction of  my virgin pussy and perhaps even more.  His caress was gentle, but I could feel the heat pour off his body.  He tasted of mint and smelled of spice and tobacco and as his hands and mouth moved closer to my virgin pussy lips, I could hear him sniff my arousal and I saw his eyes go wide with pleasure.


He used his fingers in concert with his mouth to pull back the skin that covered my little nub and his strong tongue darted out to taste me.  I felt tingles mixed with a little pain as his fingers worked faster and his tongue delved deeper and then the tingles coalesced into one giant ache that took my breathe away as I shattered and the muscles of my teen pussy quaked in response. He spun me around and without giving me a chance to breathe, he began again rubbing my nub with his fingers as he spread the wetness from my front all the way to the tiny pucker of my ass.  He bit one butt cheek and then the next and then his tongue was upon that forbidden hole, flicking into me and back and forth as he spread my juices even farther into my ass.  He could sense me tense and then just as quickly, he turned me back and set me down on the chaise. He unbuttoned his jeans and slowly revealed his massive cock to me.  I could see his pulse running through the taught veins that covered the surface and as I watched in astonishment as it grew even larger and even harder than before.  I tentatively reached for his cock and when I placed my hand around it, I heard his breath catch as it twitched in my hand.  Tenderly, I took him in my mouth, careful not to scrape my teeth against the sensitive skin, and sucked, gently at first and then with more vigor as I heard him moan at the pleasure I was giving him.  Neither of us spoke the other’s language, but we understood each other’s bodies completely.


I felt him twitch more frequently in my mouth and his moans became louder.  I may have been a virgin, but I had paid attention in biology class and I knew he must be getting close.  I reluctantly released him from my grasp and I immediately felt the loss of his manhood from my mouth.  It was as if my tongue no longer had use and my mouth was cooler from the absence of his heat. He gently pulled me up into what I would come to learn was the doggy pose and while I could sense his desire to enter me with a single strong thrust, he took great care to prepare me for his entrance.


As he rubbed my lips with the large head of his cock, every once in a while he would stop and press against my hymen and when the pain would register in my voice through tiny gasps,  he’d pull back and rub me again.  each pause he would press a little harder and each press would cause another gasp to escape until those gasps became frantic moans as my heat was desperate to be filled with his.

With one final press, he pulled me onto his cock as his firm head tore at my virgin hymen and I yelped in pain.  His hand was quick to caress my back as he pulled me toward him and whispered in my ears what I felt to be words of comfort.  He held me still as my tight pussy began to loosen around him and soon he began to thrust, slowly at first and then faster as our bodies began to move in concert, reaching for our own orgasms, as his cock searched for that pleasure button located in the depths of my body and as my pussy began to convulse around him, milking his cock, his moans of pleasure ringing strong in my ears and, well, and you will just have to watch my video to see what happened next.


I am a porn star now!

I work hard and I have been able to pull my family from the great poverty in which we lived for so long.  I don’t regret a single decision I made and am thankful for the strong start defloration.com and Thomas Stone gave me..

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