Jessica Mazury

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am no longer a virgin!  I say that with great pride because I saved my virginity for my boyfriend and he was worth it. First, I tell you a little bit about me.


When I was a child, you would have called me a “tom-boy”.  I was all girl, but I wasn’t into frilly things or playing with dolls.  I dressed like a boy in jeans and t-shirts and I loved playing outside chasing lizards and participating in sports.  I didn’t have many girl friends, but I had a lot of boy friends and I had so much more fun with the boys than I could have ever imagined with the girls.

The summer I turned 12, everything went wrong.  First, I began to menstruate.  I was so ashamed.  I did not want any of the boys I knew to know of my shame.  I could not hide the bulky pads under my jeans and had to wear dresses when I had my period.  The boys I played with, began to make fun of me and the girls I never had played with made fun of me also.  I grew six inches taller that summer, too; so tall that my bones in my legs hurt and between that and cramps, I was in constant pain.   I spent many nights crying myself to sleep from a combination of the pain and the sadness.  It was a very lonely summer and by the time we went back to school, my breasts had begun to develop and where most girls had little bee sting breasts, mine were full and heavy, leading to many taunts from cruel girls and nasty jeers from over-sexed boys. It was the longest and loneliest year of my life.

Things did not get better for the rest of my school years.  My body continued to betray me as it developed faster and bigger than the other girls.  Their taunts destroyed my spirit and the boys would not leave me alone.  Sure, I was asked out for dates a lot of times, but they did not want my company; they wanted to feel my breasts and for me to make them men.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I was 17 when a innocent girl wanted to be my friend.  Only she didn’t really want to be my friend, she wanted the very same things the boys did.

My mother was no help through all of this.  She did nothing to comfort me or to give me advice.  To be fair, I secretly thought that she was jealous of me.  I was glad when I finally turned 18 and I was in my last year of school.  I was determined that I would leave my family and school and seek out my own life in the city, a life I had hoped would not be as lonely as the one I was leaving behind.

My first action, on my 18th birthday was to get a belly button ring. I had seen them in the flat bellies of my wealthier classmates and I thought they were so classy.  My parents, of course, were against it.  They don’t believe in marking one’s body, but my own body had betrayed me and I saw no harm in trying to make it more like the other popular girls. I had been saving my money for a year and found a tattoo shop within walking distance of the autobus line.  I made the appointment for the very next day and so that I would not be detained, I climbed out my bedroom window very early in the morning and took the bus into the city. I stopped to eat breakfast, but my tummy was so nervous, I did not eat much.  I arrived at the shop early and spent a few minutes pacing back and forth wondering if this were not such a good idea.

Soon, a young man, peeked his head out the door to talk to me and when our eyes met, I felt butterflies in my tummy.  His eyes held mine and pulled me to him.  All I saw were his eyes.  We spoke no words, I became lost not knowing where I was or what I was doing.  The spell was broken when another customer tried to enter the store where our feet were firmly planted. I finally got a good look at him.  He had highlighted spiked hair and enough scruff on his face to give him a bad boy look, but the twinkle in his eyes, well that was pure mischief and I wanted to know more about him; my body wanted to know so much more.

He ushered me into the store and asked me to call him Ace.  “Ace?”  I questioned.  “Yeah, just Ace” he replied and with the warmth of his voice tickling my ears, I knew that he was so much more. I told him that I wanted a belly button ring and his eyebrow cocked up and his eyes began to twinkle.  I felt that winkle right down to my toes and then that feeling settled in my stomach and I could barely breathe. He helped me into a reclining position on his chair and went to lift my t-shirt up.  I grabbed at the ends and stuttered “What are you, you doing?”  “Relax, beautiful” he said, “I just need to prep the area.” He called me “beautiful” my heart sang inside.  No one has ever called me beautiful.  Not my parents or other boys or anybody.  I let him pull up my shirt and he stopped short of my breasts.  His hand glided on my flat stomach and his caress was warm and gentle and I wished that he would continue northward to caress my breasts.  I blushed at the thought and he caught my eye and it was as if we were both thinking the same thing.  I started to feel moisture near my shaved virgin pussy and I was afraid that I had gotten my period.  I jumped off the table and ran to the bathroom, leaving Ace stunned in my wake.

In the bathroom, I stared at myself in the mirror and I almost didn’t recognize myself.  My face was flushed with what must have been desire and my nipples were pebbled and stretching the thin fabric of my t-shirt taut.  I examined my pussy area for blood and my hand came away with a silky glistening fluid.  I held my fingers to my nose expecting to smell blood, but instead, the smell was sweet and musky.  Again I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I no longer saw an overdeveloped and clumsy teenager, but a woman that a handsome man with mischievous eyes called beautiful. I returned to the chair, bolded by my revelation and I pulled up my shirt enough to give him a peek of my  breasts, but not enough that he would think I was easy.  He let out a low whistle and before I knew it, he was done. We had our first date and kiss that day, my birthday, the day that changed everything. I was determined that Ace would become my boyfriend and that I would leave my family home and make my way in the city.  I snuck out of the house to see Ace every chance possible and soon we realized that we were in love.  He asked me to move in with him, but without a job, I could not support myself.  Ace offered to take care of me, but we were not lovers, so I felt strange about accepting his hospitality.  He may have been older and more experienced than I, but he was a gentleman and never pressed the issue.  He seemed content with just kissing and petting; yet we both often left each other’s company feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. A week later, I saw an ad in the paper for a modeling job, so I answered it and made an appointment.  Maybe, I reasoned, if Ace saw me as beautiful, then maybe others would to.  The photographer was very excited to see me and asked me to remove my clothes.  I did so without hesitation as I was neither shy or a prude.  He began to take pictures of me and when I spread my legs, he gasped!


He couldn’t believe I was a virgin!  But he confirmed it and then he offered me a lot of money to pose for him.  It was just what I needed to be able to support myself living with Ace, so I agreed.


My photo shoot lasted several hours and I often caught the photographer blushing and then I noticed his obvious arousal.  When we finished, he paid me and then told me that if I would agree to lose my virginity on camera to one of his porn stars, he would pay me much more money. I thought on this for a few days and I was torn between the intense need I had to be financially independent from Ace and my love for Ace.  I wanted my first time to be special and while Ace was experienced, I really wanted Ace to be the one to take my innocence.  But I needed the money and then I came up with a plan.

I called the photographer and asked him how much he would pay me to lose my innocence with my boyfriend instead of his porn star.  He agreed to pay me the same and he would pay Ace what he would have paid the actor.  When Ace arrived home that evening, I excitedly told him what I had done and asked him to take my innocence on camera.  He readily agreed and we were on location later that week ready to shoot.

The photographer gave us a little storyline to follow, but outside of his guidance, we had free choice over what was to happen.

We began in the indoor pool.  It was the first time I had seen Ace completely naked.  His cock was beautiful, hard and mottled with veins that stood out like a roadmap to pleasure.  It was pointed towards me as if it were seeking my virgin pussy that would welcome it home.  And then I saw, right on his left hip, the tattoo that marked him as “Ace”.  I fell in love with him all over again.  His tattoo was sweet and badass at the same time; all Ace.  All Mine.

We frolicked in the water some and became familiar with each other’s nakedness.  He would grab hold of me and pull me to him and I would feel his cock pressing against my entrance, but I pulled back as I was afraid.  Finally he swam to the steps and pulled me against him.  I could feel his manhood against my butt, but it was his kisses and calm voice assuring me that he would be careful that put me at ease.

Outside of the pool he licked my innocent pussy until I could feel the liquid draining down my thighs along with the rivulets of water as my body dried off and my core began to heat up.  Now was the time to show my innocence and while Ace held my pussy lips wide open and the photographer filmed evidence of my virginity, I could feel the dew collecting around my bare lips.  Once again, I caught the blush of the photographer and the evidence of his arousal, too and I felt a certain amount of pride that I could elicit such a reaction from a man.  I no longer felt outcast or deformed, I felt loved by Ace and appreciated for my teen body by the photographer.

Ace, stood me up and had me face the wall, we were the perfect fit for him to take me from behind without stress or awkward positioning.  He positioned the head of his cock at my entrance and gave a little push that hurt.


I could feel the head pulse with each heartbeat as he rubbed it from the beginning of my slit, all the way to my back hole.  I feared he was going to take my virgin ass, so I tensed a little, and he felt it.   It was as if he could read my mind, but he calmed me as he whispered little assurances into my ears.

Distracted by his words and the featherlike kisses to my neck and shoulders I almost didn’t feel him pushing as he breached my  hymen.  As his strong, hard dick tore through my innocence, I felt its heat and its presence burn through me like a wildfire.  He stilled for a moment and then pushed himself even farther in as I screamed out both in pain and in pleasure and without pause, he continued his assault on my pussy, relentless, hard and unforgiving and soon that bite of pain turned into pleasure so raw; so eternal; so encompassing that everything else faded away; the photographer; the camera; the location and all that was left was blinding passion and love spiraling out of control until my orgasm snuck up and consumed us both in a cocoon of brilliant white light and multi-colored stars.

We continued to make love in just about every position known to man and when we finished our day of filming, we were both spent and exhausted, but I felt safe and loved and cherished and was happy not just for the money, but that I could still earn the money and give my innocence to the man I loved.


I have modeled several times for this same photographer and even lost my anal virginity on film with my boyfriend again.  You can view the entire film (43 minutes) of losing my innocence, all my pictures and the video of me losing my anal virginity right here.

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