Sima Redova’s story.

Hi, my name is Sima and I am from the Ukraine.  I was just 18 when these pictures were taken and now I am 23. About 5 years ago, my classmates and I were celebrating the 18th birthday of my girlfriend.  We had gone out on the town, had some drinks and flirted with several really hot guys.  These weren’t the clumsy boys from school, no, these were real men who smelled of caramel and spice and smoke and of wicked things they wanted to do with you.


One man came up to me at the discotheque, sat down, handed me a drink and as he started to put his arm around my shoulders, he began to nibble at my neck.  I had never had even a boy nibble at my neck and each kiss, as he moved lower and lower down my neck shot a bolt of electricity straight to my virgin core. I quickly downed my drink for some liquid courage and his eyes widened as I set the cup down.

His eyes were half lidded in lust, but I could see the emerald green of his eyes burn with want and desire for me.  He leaned in to kiss me full on my lips and as he thrust his tongue into my mouth, I boldly met his tongue, lick for lick as we mimicked the fucking we would do later in the evening. When we finally came up for air, I am sure that he could tell that my virgin body lusted for him as well.  He took my hand in his and brought it up to his full lips, bruised and swollen from our passionate make out session and gave it a chaste kiss. Before I knew it, I was on my feet and he had pulled my body into his and I could feel the heat of his desire against my side.  I just stood there, paralyzed by the feelings that were storming through my body and with barely a moment to breathe and catch myself, he pulled me onto the dance floor and started grinding against me.  I was really enjoying myself, losing my mind in a sea of hot, sweaty bodies and the beat of the music.  He pulled me in closer to him, my back to his front and as I felt his erection begin to climb my back becoming harder and longer with every thrust, I panicked. My mind could no longer process all the feelings swirling in a storm around my body and in my head and I ran.  I grabbed my purse from our table and ran out into the fresh air quickly scanning the busy street for a taxi that would safely take me home. As I reflected in the back of the cab, I shocked even myself at my brazenness plyed with alcohol, lust and a techno beat.  I had almost given up my precious virginity that I was saving for my lover or husband and a random man, no matter how enticing, came very close to me losing myself and my innocence in a game of seduction. A week later, those same classmates and I were playing a game of truth or dare and since I had not wanted to relive that night in truth, I took the dare and ended up at a photography studio ready to bare my innocence for all to see. I signed a contract, but I made one exception to its standard form and that was the pictures could not be released for five years.  I didn’t want to become one of those girls that men would look at with unbridled lust expecting that since I posed nude that I would be free with my innocence.  I did not want to be that girl at school talked about in hushed whispers as they boys passed around a magazine showing a close up of my pussy.  So, he agreed.  And I hoped that when they finally released my pictures, that I was married and happy or that at least my face had changed enough that I was not easily recognized. The studio was clean and very modern and I was assigned to my own photographer, though there were other photographer’s around taking nudes of other girls and some were filming the girls having sex.  Everything was very busy and a little bit too loud and I became very nervous and hesitant for the photographer.  He was patient with me and when he couldn’t get the shots he wanted from me, he took me aside and drew me into a room that was very quiet.  He moved his lights and set everything up and as he began to take my pictures I found a new confidence in me and began to relax for him.  To be honest, I was even beginning to have a little fun.  In fact, I became emboldened by his encouragement as he told me over and over again about how beautiful I was, how my smile was magnetic and he could imagine my long blond hair falling down around the pillows as he fucked me. His words enticed me and I began to play with my pussy a little until my dew had made my pussy curls wet and shiny.  He declared that it was now time to show my pussy for the cameras and I was ready, very ready.  He had an assistant come in to part my then swollen lips for a close up picture and as he set the focus, he swore telling me that my pussy with the tightest pussy he had ever seen.  He asked me gain if I wouldn’t be willing to lose my virginity to the camera and again I told him that I was holding my innocence close to my heart saving it for the man who would give me his heart and he declared that it was a fucking shame. The photographer began to finger me as he took more pictures as he said to make my dew more prominent, but I think he was trying to work me up so that I would easily give over my innocence.  The results can only be seen here at  Enjoy!

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