Sasha Mamaeva, 18 y.o virgin girl from Russia.

Hi! I am Sasha. I am from St Petersburg in Russia. I am 18 and still a virgin. I applied to model for and, as I am a virgin, decided to show the world my intact hymen and maybe get some erotic fun and money out of the whole thing. I had the most sensational time today in front of the camera. Did you see it?

I share an apartment with two friends . I work in a big grocery store at the counter. It’s been two years now and my pay has also increased a bit.

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Szilvia Nagyarc. He then took my hand and put it on his hard cock…

Hello. My name is Szilvia. I am 18 years old and a virgin from Moscow. I am extremely excited and happy after a long time. It has been my dream to be a model and show off my beautiful body and today, has given me the chance to do just that! It was an erotic and sensuous experience…just magical for me.

My father had left me and my mother when I was very little and my mother raised me on her own. She is a talented artist and tourists come to get their portraits drawn. My teenage

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Mashka Singer.

A month ago I turned 18. My friend, Tasha, gave me a surprise. She told me I too can become a model and gave me the information for my shoot. Being a very shy girl and a virgin, this is a big step for me.

Today, it’s a bit too exciting for me and I am a little nervous because it is the first time I tried to do something bold.
It is my friend actually who had always been interested in modelling. She always

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Stacey. My virginity is for sale ..

It was three years ago that I discovered my body was very special. I was always looking for an escape from the poverty and misery at home and feeling my body, my teenage nipples and my virgin pussy took me to a very special place. Last week I turned 18 years and I am still a virgin. gave me a fantastic birthday present – a video shoot. My first video shoot.

I am the eldest of four children. Our family has a goat farm and we all look after the animals. In fact this is our entire life. We all wake up very early and take turns to clean the house, the goat sheds. My father and two of my brothers take care of their grazing and food while my mother is busy almost all the time either milking the goats or making cheese. I and my sister help her. Sometimes it seems like I smell of goats and I hate it. Continue reading Stacey. My virginity is for sale ..

Lucy Blond. I have big dreams and want to touch the sky.

Lucy Blond

I am blond, innocent and 18 years old. I am also a virgin. As many other girls, I want to become a professional model and I am willing to work hard for it. This was my first video shoot and I am grateful to for giving me the chance.

I stay alone in Moscow as I had come away from my family a long time ago. My parents are still there in our village, about five hours from here. We are four girls and my father is a helper in a farm belonging to the local landlord. My father used to plough the land, and look after a portion of the land like his own with all of us helping. In the end, he would get a small share of whatever were the profits of the crop. Apart from this, the landlord used to give him a stipend. We had a very hard life. My father blew off a big part of this money on booze. He would get high and hit my mother and force himself on her, sometimes in front of us.

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Arina Sunflower. Two virgins in bed ..

Hello. I am not new to I have already done my solo casting video here. I am 18 years old and have come a long way from my home that is in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. I do not trust boys and the producer arranged my virginity to be taken by a girl! I was amazed that this could be done and it was a once in a lifetime experience that is very special for me.

I have been poor all my life. As both my parents were killed in a bus accident long ago, I was adopted by my aunt as a little girl.

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Emily Insomnia & Renato. Losing of virginity..

Just two days after my solo video, I got a call from Renato is the man who will deflower me if I am as eager as before to become a woman. I had to tell them that day itself as arrangements would have to be made. I sat down stunned. This was a big decision but I had already thought about it and was very clear. I had been eagerly waiting for the call. I am ready.

Compared to a lot of girls my age, I am very innocent when it comes to men. I do not know many boys. In my imagination, however, I was always dreaming. I always wanted to lose my virginity in a special way. My friends have all told me that it hurts and I am prepared for this. I had been dreaming that Tommy will break my hymen but Renato is special too Continue reading Emily Insomnia & Renato. Losing of virginity..

Emily Insomnia.

Emily Insomnia.

Hey there, I am Emily. I am a virgin just eager to get deflowered. My body is beautiful and I absolutely love it. My tits, my virgin pussy, my hot ass are all ravishing and I am certain I can rule the modelling world. When I wrote to, they too seemed to like what they saw but asked me to wait till I was 18. Well, I turned 18 two months ago and here I am.

My family is from Kazan. That’s a city in Russia. It’s big and beautiful. Like me. My parents do not know about my assignment and so I am using a different name. Hopefully they won’t come to know. My father’s a clerk in the post office and my mom’s a nursery teacher. I have an elder brother, Rudolf, who’s 13 years elder to me. He stays in Moscow now with his high-society wife. I hate her. She’s from a very rich family and is extremely snobbish. Looks down at me. I hate her. Continue reading Emily Insomnia.

Mona Bregvadze.

Buna! I am Mona from Bucharest, Romania. I just had the most amazing time ever and wanted to share my experience. As a dancer, I tour quite a bit and perform on stage but today, for the first time, I posed nude in front of cameras and it was amazing. I was terrified before the shoot started but the producer soon put me at ease. OMG, he is such a brilliant photographer! Anyway, I am 18 years old and still a virgin although hopefully not for long.

I love dancing. It is everything for me. From when I was a little girl, just enrolled into Ms Mihaela’s dance class, I thought of nothing else. There is no other dancer in our family so my parents are extremely happy. They are not very well-off but have always encouraged me to follow my dream. My gather is a security guard in a factory and my mother is a seamstress. She earlier took work at home but now works in the studio of a big designer. I get a little money for my performances but it is not enough. I do not want a lot but money is important. I wish to travel and dance. Maybe I will dance in New York one day, maybe in Sydney. But I need money. I want to give back to my parents many things that they have sacrificed for me. I want them to have a good life after struggling so much.
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Gala Buhalo

Ever since I turned 16 I have wanted to get out of my parents’ home. I want to be independent and free! Don’t take me wrong…my parents are gems. It’s just that they over protect me sometimes. Most of my friends have left home but I need a job first. A job that will bring me both money and fame! This is why I approached And now I think I know what I am going to do in my life…

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