Gala Buhalo

Ever since I turned 16 I have wanted to get out of my parents’ home. I want to be independent and free! Don’t take me wrong…my parents are gems. It’s just that they over protect me sometimes. Most of my friends have left home but I need a job first. A job that will bring me both money and fame! This is why I approached And now I think I know what I am going to do in my life…

My name is Gala. My parents are orthodox Catholics and yes, they would probably be shocked to know my choice of career. My father works as a Continue reading Gala Buhalo

Enzio Ricci. It is happened!

It is happened!

I am back and with such great excitement. As I am now a professional model, I am used to the cameras, and in fact love being in front of them. My solo video went off so well, at least according to me, that I was very excited at what was coming up next. Sergey and I had a plan…we will not let Tommy know!

Two days after my solo shoot, I was a bit nervous but determined to put on a brave front. I want Continue reading Enzio Ricci. It is happened!

Enzio Ricci. My first time…

Enzio Ricci
Hey there! It’s so good to be here you can’t imagine. I love modeling and am a professional model. This was something else though. I feel excited, and Alive! And Sergey (producer) spoke about Tommy too so that’s another adventure that I am waiting for…but I am moving ahead of my story…

I was always a bad girl. I mean Continue reading Enzio Ricci. My first time…

Galina Kurnosaya. Losing of my virginity..

It was not an ordinary day. I had been waiting for it for so long, full of excitement and nervousness. Will I be able to do it? What if they didn’t like me? What if I panicked? In the end nothing happened. The photographer and producer were too kind and professional for me to feel scared any longer and I felt like I was doing photo-shoots and videos all my life. All thanks to, I , Galina, a 18-yr-old inexperienced virgin have taken my first step towards my dream of becoming a model!

I am an ordinary girl from St. Peters-burg. I love Continue reading Galina Kurnosaya. Losing of my virginity..

Polina Temyanova

I love modeling, I love my body. I love the way my virgin nipples react when my hand moves up and rubs my tits. Hello, I am Polina. Welcome to my world. This is my escape, the imaginary paradise I escape to when I feel very low. I was nervous before my solo video but now I am so happy that I did it. I waited for so long for this and as soon as my 18th birthday was over, I went in for it! Even though my boyfriend hated it when I wanted to model, I am all for it. I am 18 years old, a virgin from St. Petersburg, ready to take on the world.


Many years ago Continue reading Polina Temyanova

Galina Kabachok. From solo to porn…

An erotic virgin…

Hey there! I am Galinia. If you have seen my video, you must know that I love being in front of the camera. Till 5 years ago, I wanted to be an astronaut. Yes, please do not smile… me, yes, I was crazy about the moon and really wanted to go off in a space ship. My dad, however, was a salesman and one day the company he worked in organized a contest for all the employees. The Grand Prize was a 10-day European holiday. He had to answer a few simple questions and then he completely forgot about it. After almost a month, he came home one day and told us that he had won it! We were going to Europe on holiday!!!

It was the first time I went outside Moscow. We went to Italy, Switzerland, France, and Amsterdam. The warmth of Italy, Continue reading Galina Kabachok. From solo to porn…

Jessica Albanka.

Hi! I am Jessica from St. Petersburg. I was the only child and my parents wanted the best for me. They are both teachers and as a family we are very polite, well read and frankly speaking, very boring. I was not allowed to listen to music of my choice, was forced to study hard, to attend skating practice every weekend and of course dance school. I was a talkative child and did not hesitate in making friends. I hated staying at home and making polite conversations, of performing in front of my parents’ friends when they came home for dinner.

The area around our locality is full of trees and wide roads. I love being outdoors and used to spend most of my holidays cycling with my friends. Dominika and Continue reading Jessica Albanka.

Koza Dereza. I am virgin girl..

I am Koza Dereza.

I have learnt long ago not to show any emotion on my face. There are many who tell me I look too cold but believe me i am not. My true friends know me for who I am. Life has been tough for me and I survived. I am a survivor and I know what I want in life. There is a heart full of dreams and love beating inside me. But I do not ask for anything lying down. If I need to work hard, I will 

I am from a town near Moscow. When i was three, our parents went on a vacation leaving me and my brother, Lenin, with our grandmother. The day they were to arrive, i was awakened at 3 am by the sobs of my brother.

Continue reading Koza Dereza. I am virgin girl..

Jeniffer Lorentz. My virgin casting..

Hey, I am Jennifer.

I am still excited after this morning’s shoot at the defloration studio. This was the most wonderful that has happened to me after a long time. I work as a store assistant in a designer boutique in St Petersburg, showing pretty dresses to beautiful women and their daughter from rich families. I earn quite enough for myself but I have big dreams. I love good clothes and I love to pose.

It was seven years ago that we moved to St. Petersburg from a small town. My father had a plumbing business in the village and he got a huge offer with a construction firm in the city. There were no second thoughts Continue reading Jeniffer Lorentz. My virgin casting..

Chloë Moretta. Revelation of the Virgin.

I was born 18 years and one day ago in one of the most beautiful places of Europe. I grew up like a tomboy when I was little, until I discovered my body after puberty. There are secrets that I am still discovering, things I am still learning about myself. I am a very open and frank girl, always ready for an adventure. Are you ready to come with me?

I have three elder brothers and my family is large and noisy. In fact growing up with boys, Continue reading Chloë Moretta. Revelation of the Virgin.