Lenochka Chernova. My virgin life..

Hey there, I am Lenochka Chernova from Penza region of Russia. I grew up wild and free in this beautiful region that is beautiful but very boring!!! You may have by now seen my pictures. Am I not beautiful? I love my body, love my tits and my tight virgin cunt. This was my birthday gift to myself when I turned 18. Will you believe me when I tell you I am so shy I stammer when I meet new people? No? Well, it’s true. Come, read my story…

My father is a peasant who is also an alcoholic. My mother works at a local bar. I am the eldest daughter and have to look after my two younger sisters, both of them too studious for their own good. My mother sleeps late as she returns home after midnight sometimes. Breakfast is therefore my duty. Bloody Hell, I hate getting up early to make breakfast but I do it as I hate getting boxed by my father even more. I have had my ears boxed so many times it isn’t funny. One time he dragged me out of the house without any clothes on, while I tried to cover my boobs and pussy with my hands. Why? Because I was getting dressed too slow. And my mother? She either does not hear or see anything!

I and my three best friends play truant from school most of the time. After my morning duties, I am free as a bird until supper time when again it has to be hot on the table in time. We lay naked in the grass, sometimes with a bikini on and most often without a stitch. There is no greater excitement than the feel of grass rubbing against my bare virgin clit. Alina is the most travelled amongst us. She has often been to Moscow and even to Munich once. She has many magazines with beautiful pictures that she gives me. I lay down in the sun, looking at these pictures, the beautiful girls and I too long to be there. Alina was the one who had taught us to pleasure ourselves. She would make me lay down flat and take her finger up and down my innocent vulva, faster and faster and would slap my bottom when I lifted it up in excitement and then both of us would cum at the same time.

These are my two and only friends. In front of the rest of the world, I am awkward and shy and hence, still a virgin. If you met me in the street and asked me my name, I would blush and stammer but would not be able to tell my own name. This is why I found it very surprising when our local photographer came and met me a month back. I was alone, lying in the grass with no clothes on as usual. He came and stood on top of me and said a friend of his was looking for someone like me to pose as a model in those beautiful magazines. I was so shocked I forgot to be shy. Me?! A model?! Seriously?! Come and meet me after you turn 18, he said. Alina was extremely jealous of me as I packed my bag to travel to Moscow. The photographer not only gave me the ticket but also a hefty fee half of which I gave my Dad. I made another discovery. I lose my shyness in front of the camera. It is as if the world ceases to exist. My virginity which I took for granted is also very highly priced it seems and I had no hesitation showing my unbroken hymen to you. Maybe one day, I too will be there in the glossy magazines Alini buys.

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  1. Will the price of losing your virginity in front of the camera get you back into the studio for a video that can only be made one time?

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