Anna Palatka. Losing of my virginity.

Hi, I am Anna Palatka from Russia. You must have already seen my casting video earlier where I explored my innocent pussy in front of you. It was such a beautiful experience for me that when I was asked if I wanted to give away my virginity in front of the camera, I eagerly said yes! This isn’t something dirty for me but a very rich experience…this is the first time a man is touching me… the first time I will see a man’s cock and be able to touch it… Come, be part of my adventure!

I have lived a very loving life with my parents. My father is a senior doctor and remains busy and I am very close to my mother. She has raised me to be an independent girl and lets me make my own decisions not just about what to wear and study but also about sex. I am confused about life in general…. About my future… about what I want to do. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted a job which was not ordinary. I want to travel, meet exotic people, stay in luxurious places. When a few acquaintances told me about, I was eager to give it a try. I knew I might have to pose without clothing and I was prepared for that. I am a very practical girl but with a lot of romantic thoughts. Maybe this was where my future lay. How will I know if I do not try it out? I sent email after email, asking them to consider me as a model. They finally replied back in a beautiful letter with two conditions: one, I had to be a virgin…and two, I had to be 18 years old. Well, I was definitely a virgin but 18 years?? At that time, I still had two weeks to go !
Eagerly counting the days on my fingers, I reached the “” studio the day after I turned 18. You must have seen my video and I too got to see my unbroken hymen for the first time. When I rubbed my innocent pussy and massaged my budding breasts in front of the camera for your eyes, I did not have to imagine anything really… it was the most arousing sensation. I love my pert mango-like tits… love stroking them and I enjoyed revealing them on camera. Enjoyed the pleasure of wetness as I removed my panties in front of someone for the first time. Enjoyed that rush of power and pleasure I felt when I touched the lips of my tight clit and saw Sergey also getting aroused. But he is truly a gem of a person! When he asked me my opinion about Tommy Stone breaking my virgin hymen with his cock, I was ready to go with the idea. I would really enjoy having an experienced man to have sex with for the first time in my life, rather than a fumbling boy of my own age. I know it would be a most pleasurable experience for me.
I had learnt about sex long ago when I saw a porn video by mistake in kindergarten. Those images of men ejaculating their white serum over a woman lying in bed have stayed with me… and when my fingers began exploring my virgin body for the first time in middle school, I achieved my first orgasm and love the sensation of wetness running from my virgin clit down between my thighs. I have always enjoyed masturbating in the shower. I imagine a tender older man rubbing his cock against my freshly shaven virgin pussy, while my fingers touched my clit gently at first and then rubbing it faster and faster, the tightness of the virgin vulva soon becoming wet as I cum quick and hard. I cum again and again, imagining that man of my dreams sucking my pert innocent tits, squeezing them while my fingers move up and down, giving pleasure to myself. Using the showerhead was a trick I learnt by accident when the water once touched the exact spot near my vulva, making the most delicious vibrations. Since then, whenever I could, I aim the nozzle of water straight at the edge of my untouched pussy, the vibrating water stream sent shivers of enjoyment through my clit while I kept squeezing my pert tits, teasing them and then suddenly cum…. The wetness of my pussy merging with the wetness of the shower water.
As I entered the studio the day after my casting, I was more shy than nervous. I was at ease with Sergey but when Tommy entered, with the sweetest smile on his face, I couldn’t help blushing. As I kept talking, I noticed his fingers rubbed my thigh, probably to make me feel at ease but it was getting me more and more aroused. I just wanted to get on and this really embarrassed me. Am I a bad girl for feeling this way? I don’t know but any virgin girl in presence of Tommy would probably feel the same. He helped me remove my favorite pink sweater that I have put on for comfort. His lips brushed against the nipples. As he gently lay me down and sucked my small developing boobs, I gave a gasp. As his fingers went down, down and down…I felt I was about to cum before anything happened! How embarrassing will that be! But he was not helping.. in fact as his finger slid up and down my clit, I felt my panties getting wet and he removed them.
His lips touched me near the navel and as he continued moving down, his tongue reaching my clit, I realized he was going to let his tongue lick my vulva! Can this be normal? I have never heard any of my girl friends telling me that men can put their heads between your thighs and make you feel crazy! This must be some Hungarian kinky stuff!!! But, no, Sergey reassured me again that men can really do this kind of magic with their tongues and whatever Tommy does is very much ‘normal’. As he went slower with me, lying down behind me, teasing my innocent buds, making me moan and finally as his finger moved with speed against my virginal clitoris, making the lips of my vulva swell, I came with a rush. With two of his expert fingers, he then separated the lips to show the world my red cherry, ripe for him to pick…
I was ready to explore his cock now and as my hand found it and brought it out of his pants, I was amazed to see it. The first time I am not just seeing but also touching a man’s dick. I put my lips over his manhood, moving my mouth up and down, sucking on it, touching a man’s balls for the first time. He was excited… I could make this out from the sounds of arousal that came out of his mouth. The cock was huge and so stiff!! I could not imagine this ‘thing’ penetrating me, going inside, tearing apart my hymen and making me a woman. Was I scared? Yes, now I was really scared. But this is something that has to happen and after having kept my virginity intact for so long, it was time to give it up.
I left myself to his expert knowledge and he lay sideways with me, his erect penis gently moving in my virgin vagina. I know he was being as gentle as he could, his hands over my newly adult boobs. I was getting greatly aroused but the pain overshadowed everything at that moment. As Tommy’s pace increased, I clenched my fingers to reduce the effect of the pain and finally there was a kind of blackness as his stiff cock tore apart my hymen. As he continued moving in and down, I came with a tenderness. I was finally a woman.
We did it one more time with me on top of him. His huge cock easily sliding inside me. As my recently ruptured vagina moved up and down, I noticed my breasts bobbing up and down and wanted him to suck on them. He pulled me towards me, licked my pick nipples and we both moved in and out until I came again. As in the video I had seen as a little kid, I wanted to see a man cum in real. I moved my fingers up and removing, rubbing his foreskin up and down, making him now moan. I sucked on his cock, making it all the more tight, kept moving and finally his white milk spilled over my fingers. One day, I know, a man’s white liquid will be released inside me, forming a baby, but not now… For now, I am thrilled that I lost my virginity here on the sets of, to a wonderful and masculine man like Tommy stone. I will treasure this moment forever.