Anna Palatka. Virgin casting.

When Anna contacted our studio ( wanting to do a shoot for us, there was no doubt that we were greatly intrigued. She was just about to turn 18 and had long thought about shooting a pornographic video.

anna palatka virgin

The beauty was just five years old when she viewed her first pornographic video and by the time that she reached puberty sexual thoughts had taken over much of her life.

She was just the kind of sexy blonde that any man would desire.
Interestingly enough, despite a sexual passion that had been stirring in her for thirteen years, Anna had never allowed a boy to take away her innocence. She had thought about it a great deal. When she was 11 she was introduced to masturbation in a class on sexuality and spent that afternoon seeing how much pleasure she could bring to herself.
She went into her room and sat in her very comfortable chair, imagining the things that had been talked about in class. The images she had seen six years earlier came back to her mind and soon she found herself sliding her hand into her pants and enjoying the feeling of her fingers sliding over her innocent pussy.
In just a few minutes she reached an orgasm for the first time, but it would not be the last. The feeling was so incredible that she spent many an afternoon…an evening, and morning, and night enjoying the way she could pleasure herself.
Each time she caressed her body she watched videos online and soon found the idea of shooting her own video to be too good to be true. On many occasions she watched videos and imagined that she was the woman being caressed, fondled, licked, kissed and, yes, fucked. The thoughts brought her pleasure beyond belief, and after turning 17, she knew that she was just a year from living out her ultimate fantasy.
For Anna, she had a special wish that she hoped for. Not only did she want to be captured on video enjoying her body, but she thought it would be amazing to lose her virginity as well. The thought of this sexy, alluring blonde letting her virgin pussy be taken for the first time for the whole world to see was an opportunity that we simply could not let get away. As excited as she was by this opportunity, we were equally so, and there is no doubt that during her casting video that Anna did not disappoint in the least.

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