Helen Flingston’s story

Hello, my name is Helen and I am just 18 years old.  My family lives on a farm outside of Budapest and I am just finishing my final school year.  I have a mother and a father and a very protective older brother. Oh, and a boyfriend, too.


I work hard on the farm to help my mother and father and my days are very busy. Money is very tight, so we all work together and our life is good. I get up very early each day and my brother and I do the chores to start the day.  Then I go to school and study hard and when I get home, there is still much work to be done in the house.  There is little time for fun in my life and what free time I have I spend in the company of my family and my boyfriend.

Last week we went to the Cinema and enjoyed a popular movie.  As we sat in the dark, he put his arm around my shoulders and let his had brush down over my tit.  At first, I was startled, but as the movie progressed,  his brushes became stronger and more frequent and I could feel each brush from my tit down to my very core.  When the movie was over, he pulled me hard against him and I could feel the hardness of his penis as he claimed my mouth with his.  When he finished kissing me, we were both breathless.  I had to push him away.  I could not continue.  I must remain chaste because I had sold my virginity to a photographer who would pay me good money for pictures of my virgin pussy.  And even better money if I would allow him to photograph the loss of my innocence to a porn star.  I agreed.  I signed the contract and I really need the money. You see, I dream of becoming a veterinarian.  I have spent my whole life on the farm tending to all the animals I love so much.  I have watched our veterinarian work with our animals and I have learned a lot from him.  But it will take money for me to be able to leave the farm and go to school.  And when I graduate, I can come back to the farm and be an even better support to my family.  Selling my virginity seemed like the only option I had. Even out here in the countryside of Budapest, Tommy and defloration.com are legends.  I’ve had several friends who have lost their innocence to Tommy and they all said it was a good experience and all that he taught them made them to be better girls for their boyfriends.  I wanted to be that better girlfriend and I needed the money. So, I hatched a plan and contacted the defloration.com studios and signed a contract. It was an early spring day and already it was warm, so I put on my favorite pink sundress and my favorite fuchsia panties and headed to the studios.

I met Tommy and the producer and photographer and they couldn’t have been nicer.  We traveled a bit to one of their favorite locations and while we were driving, I got to know Tommy a little better.  He was always gently touching me and he occasionally would give me a chaste kiss.  I felt amazing to be the object of this man’s affection.  He was funny and had a good sense of humor and he was careful with me as he knew I was nervous.  I had ample time to get used to his touch as his body before we began filming.

We started with a kiss and that kiss became more passionate as time progressed.  He started out gently stroking my breasts and as my nipples pebbled hard and straight, he took the entire breast into his mouth and sucked.


Hard!  Instinctively, my hands flew to his head as I pulled him into suckle first one nipple and then the other.  It was a strange sensation at first, and my mind was warring with itself over what was happening to my body, but then sensation turned into indescribable pleasure and my body and my soul began to crave his touch for the pleasure it could bring me. He then began to finger me where no man had ever ventured before.  It started as a little tickle, but the more insistent he became, the tickle turned into a burning sensation that soon had my legs weak and jelly like.  His large hands held me up and soon his strokes became faster and more urgent as I gave into these strange and new sensations and then my orgasm hit me fast and unexpected as my eyes rolled back into my head and my body began to shake and quiver from the shear sensation of it all and as it reached its crest, Tommy sucked a nipple into his mouth and sucked with all the strength that he could muster and I began to fall, to float away from my body on wave after wave of sheer pleasure.


Oh My God!  This is amazing I thought and I wondered if all orgasms were like this or was it just an orgasm with Tommy?When I finally regained cogent thought, Tommy was smiling at me and I could have sworn I saw pride in his eyes.  But here I was, all naked and having had one hell of an orgasm and Tommy was still fully clothed.  When he finally revealed his manhood to me, I was in awe and scared that this defloration thing wasn’t going to work.


But Tommy was gentle and as he introduced his penis with pride, he taught me how to please a man with my mouth and Tommy must have been a very good teacher, too because he grew bigger and filled my mouth to its fullest.  I had to concentrate to fit his very large, oversized penis into my mouth without biting him with my teeth, but his patience was complete and the moans that came out of his mouth encouraged me to continue my onslaught. It came time that my oral skills were making it difficult for him not to come, so he made it clear that the time had come to take my innocence.


But he was and continued to be kind and gentle to me and he prepared me by bringing me to near orgasm before he put it in.  By the time he did breach my hymen, while I felt initial pain, it quickly turned to great pleasure and through our experience, he brought me to orgasm twice before he came.  I’d never seen sperm before and I was curious to see it, but my newly opened pussy missed his penis inside of me.  He filled me so completely, that when he pulled out to release himself, my pussy felt cold and lonely.  We spent some time resting together and then before I knew it, the time for us to get dressed and leave was upon us. Tommy gave me such an incredible experience that I wished I could come back and do it again and again; but then I guess, you only get once experience; one chance when you lose your virginity and I don’t doubt for a minute that I had not done the right thing.

I needed the money, yes, but I also wanted my first time to be special and it was. Today, I am apprenticing as a veterinarian and while I am no longer with my first boyfriend, what I learned from Tommy has made me a better lover and I am sure if my current boyfriend knew the truth, he’d send Tommy a letter of thanks. You can download all my videos here: www.defloration.com

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