Nastya Kalinina.

Hi, I am ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Natsya. I am from Moscow, Russia. I am 18 years old and a virgin! Leave alone a photo shoot, this is the first time I have undressed in front of anyone. And the thing is I love my body…

I love to show it off! I am finding it so erotic to be in front of the camera today, revealing myself in front of the camera, to touch myself openly, in front of the producer just as I do locked inside my bathroom.
My mother is an ogre! I am saying that in public because she is. She follows me everywhere. She keeps an eye on my Facebook account, Instagram, chats, when I go out with my friends. It feels horrible. I am 18 and I still live with her because she wouldn’t let me leave her. I know, I know, I can still leave home and very soon I will. I have been under her strict supervision for so long that it’s not so easy for me to stand up and do something she forbids me to do.
So obviously I do not have a boyfriend. I do not even have friends who are boys! I see my girlfriends going on dates, kissing their boyfriends on the road and I feel so left behind. My teenage boobs ache for someone to hold them, to squeeze them. It was about two years ago when I started my Instagram account and I follow a lot of the models there. I love looking at the pictures of their beautiful bodies. My body is also not that bad, I tell myself. I did not have the courage to take pictures till now but in my room, I lock the door and pose naked in front of my mirror. I stretch my arm up and like to see my teenage tits moving up. I run a finger over the nipples and watch as they become erect. I look at my virgin pussy and love the little hair there. With one hand I caress my teenage boobs and with the other I finger my virgin vagina. I insert two fingers inside, touch my sweet spot and move them in and out, all the while grabbing my tits too. I love to see myself having an orgasm in the mirror. It is like seeing me as a film star. I imagine a dark haired hero looking at me and I try to seduce him. This makes me so wet and I cum all over my fingers.
While travelling to St. Petersburg once with my mother of course, I saw a handsome boy sitting just across the aisle. I could see that he was interested in me but when he tried to talk my mother stepped in. So all I could do was look at him. He looked at me openly and I ran my hand over my teenage boobs, over my dress of course but I could see he got excited. I imagined he was seeing me without any clothes on. As it was the night bus, the lights went off and my mother went off to sleep. By the small light along the aisle I could see him rubbing his crotch. I felt so erotic that I slipped my hand underneath my dress and started touching myself. My seat was inclined and everyone else was asleep. I imagined him to be seeing my virgin pussy and I imagined his big cock standing erect, ready to get inside me. I felt so horny that I cum immediately. When I next looked at him, I could see him staring at my pussy area. He was totally aroused!
Another time at school, while we were watching a soccer match from the stands, a classmate, a boy who was sitting near me just turned and hugged me. This was the first time a boy actually touched me. It was as if an electric current just shot through me. Maybe he did in the spur of the moment but for a girl who has never talked with a boy more than a couple of sentences at a time in her entire life this was a big deal. I kept thinking about it again and again. At night when I went to bed, I could recall the touch of his skin against mine. That night I had a dream in which the boy who sat across from me in the bus and the boy who hugged me merged into one and I started masturbating in my sleep. I suddenly woke up and realised I was all naked, without my panties on and I was rubbing my virgin pussy. I was so excited that I had orgasms three times one after the other. I imagined the boy making me sit on a couch, opening my legs. HE was on the floor with his head deep inside my thighs, his mouth on my virgin pussy, sucking me, licking me and making me so aroused. I applied to the next day and here I am Off to a new start to my life.