Beatrix Glazatto

Hello my name is Beatrix Glazatto.

I am 18 years old and a virgin. I really thank my friend and the producer who gave me the chance to earn money for the photo shoot as I am very eager to get into modelling business as soon as possible. I have a sister who’s only a few years older than I am. My sister, Anna, has a number of boyfriends. She is always very outgoing.

I followed her a number of times when she went out on her secret dates, to see for myself how’s she managing to have so many boyfriends at once and not make to believe them that she does. I still don’t get it honestly. One Christmas my family invited over their friends and I was excited about, because their kid s who were two young boys, were exactly who me and my sister liked and were secretly in love with. Now let me tell you about my parents a bit, they are both very busy people, but you can say that they have found each-other in life. As my mom was a clothes designer and my father was designing cars at Jaguar. I was also very much into art and I was trying to get the most out my life and I was attending all the best and coolest drawing and 3D modelling classes. One day I even got on the top of my class for presenting the best house model from the entire course. I always made my parents proud, unlike my sister, but that was until I helped her find her way in to life and then she made just as proud as I did and she was always thankful to me. So, back to Christmas, we were preparing for a few weeks for this day, specially with all the decorations around the house, the garden and me with Anna were responsible were the interior. That’s why I love each and every Christmas so much, because it brings together the whole family spirit and makes it one! As we were done, the next day, the guests came in, and thanks god we remembered at least a few hours prior to their arrival about it. We were looking like to exhausted witches.. We got the facial masks on and did our hair and nails fast. It turned out to be looking good, even sexy! They all came in and me and my sister were looking a bit shy but very content at the same time. We took the boys we liked and showed in and outside the house, even our tree houses we had, made with heating, so it was possible to stay there overnight in winters and it was totally safe. Plus it was planned that they will spend their vacation with us in our big house till the new year. We really had too mention this to the boys. Non of our parents knew that we liked each-other or knew what sexual experience was at all! Later this evening after our dinner and desserts with an amazing old Chinese tea that they have brought for a reason. It stimulates girls to be more horny and we didn’t know and drank it. After a while me and Anna got horny were making out, they boys came on us, while searching us. They dropped their pants and came close to us. We told them to stop and wait until our parents were sleeping, which took literally forever, Then we snaked out to the tree house and laid down with them to our soft and big beds… it was feeling very amazing and we began kissing and undressing, they were kissing our tits and pussies, we were soaking wet and I asked Anna if it was alright and she said that she wasn’t that wet ever like me and she was jealous. Then I grabbed her pussy and made her wet like me. In a way, you can say that me had our first group sex when were only between 10 and 15 years old. This was going on literally every single day. Then I got tired of it and decided to surprise the boy by blindfolding them and changing with Anna. She agreed right away as it seemed to be fun. We made them both have erections by kissing their balls and stomach and around ears. Then we deep throated them at once. They had no idea who was who, but probably guessed it and guessed wrong. We allowed them to take the blindfold off and they got surprised as how good I was and Anna was at it. We continued until they finished off in our mouths and teased them father. It was so much fun. Until they moved away in the next years first day. We had no other chance but to bring her boyfriends home to enjoy one another in bed and other places we could find. The time was flying by so fast I haven’t noticed how I became almost 18 and was still a virgin, while my sister was enjoying her life to the maximum. But I heard from one the boys we had fun with, that they both became pornstars and its a cool profitable business, I decided to see it for myself and do it besides my designer jobs. As I could earn money, invest it in bigger projects and live the best life ever! I did it, I contacted the studio and they have recommend it through a friendship and I came in, did many sets and will never regret it, as it opened my eyes to this extra and fun business! I really recommend it for every girl!

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